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  1. "Pocket Maidens"?

    Found this this morning...

    Pocket Maidens: TV Tokyo announces Rozen Maiden/Pocket Monsters crossover series

    TV Tokyo today announced a planned spinoff of two highly popular anime series, Pocket Monsters and Rozen Maiden, tentatively titled Pocket Maidens.

    The series revolves around the young Maiden Medium, Jun Sakurada, who wakes up one morning to a Maidball in his desk drawer and from there is thrust into a magical world of adventure and intrigue, the ...
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  2. Holy crap.

    I think I may have just found my dream Lolita skirt, and I'm making it right now. In class.

    Pics when I'm done.
    Lolita , Art
  3. Chiptap Factory

    Click this link.

    See how long you spend mesmerized by the soothing colors and beautiful accessories and doll clothes this woman makes.
    Lolita , Art
  4. I has an arts

    I finally got around to scanning some art I've had stashed in my folder since forever.


    This is some art of Eleanor, from Nando's fantastic fanfiction stories Pokemon XD^3 and Pokemon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude. The dress I designed for her has a Gracidea Flowers print around the bottom, and it's based on Shaymin. I know she's not colored aside from the eyes and hair; I wanted the ...
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  5. Neku's DS: now 100% moar prettified

    (spoilered to save the blogs page)

    It's amazing what you can do with fabric scraps and a little rubber cement.

    Updated 2nd February 2009 at 02:35 PM by Nekusagi

    Gaming , Nintendo DS , Lolita
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