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  1. Prove me wrong.

    Nickelback is emo music for middle aged white men.
  2. I can dance with you honey, if you think it's funny...

    (probably only two people on the entire forums other than me will get this and I can name them both but I lol'd so hard I felt it postworthy)
    in case the text is too blurry (damn crappy camera):

    Route 212 security guard in Platinum, after you talk to him after beating him the first time (don't know what he says other times).

    Updated 25th April 2009 at 11:31 PM by Nekusagi

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  3. Oh hells yes.

    For those of you not on the IRC, I've picked up a new addiction, and that addiction is a little $10 rhythm/puzzle game called Audiosurf (go out and download the demo off Steam before you read any further. You'll thank me later.) It's a game that converts your music library into tracks, with which you either eliminate colored bricks, Collapse!-style, or collect while avoiding greys (depending on mode.) Anyway, I finally got somewhere tonight on it, managing not only to get a gold medal on a favorite ...
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  4. Oh look, a new Social Group!

    It's the oh so creatively titled Musicals Club! For anyone who likes musicals, obviously.


    So what are you guys waiting for? Go join it!
  5. I made an AMV!

    Last week I spent a lot of time making a cute AMV for Nando's valentine present. It's finally done and public.


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