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Living Alone Rocks, part 2

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I'll have to think of a new title soon, as my roommate is moving in this weekend. :O

It's now officially been 30 days since moving out. Which means my first time changing the filter in this AC unit. The kind they had when I moved in was this super cheap-looking thing. It got the job done, but I didn't want it to stay there for long. Last night I bought two replacement filters claiming to last three months each. This morning there was water dripping from the unit. .-. Apparently the filter didn't cause it, but one of the coils behind it needed to be replaced. Or something. After the maintenance guy left I turned the AC back on and there's no more gurgling noises, so I guess that's that. ?_?

And I finally sent my dad copies of my high school diploma and graduation photo. Yeah, like two months after they happened. He didn't ask for them until before going back home early this month, I kept forgetting to buy stamps until just yesterday, and then most of this morning I was mediating a fight between Photoshop and my printer trying to get the dang thing to print without wtf-worthy colors. But, it could have been much worse. A fortunate mistake I made a while ago was that I thought I had forgotten to bring the ink for my printer in the first place, so I went to Office Depot and bought a pack of black and color ink, and I think 100 4x6 glossy photo sheets. At first I thought the photo paper was a big enough waste, but then when I got ready to install the new ink, it turned out there were already relatively fresh cartridges still inside. So now I thought I'd just wasted a trip to Office Depot AND fifty bucks. At first I thought "eh, I just have spare ink now" but it turns out even the photo paper was useful. :O

Last night I also gave baking chicken my second try. This time I marinaded the meat before I baked it, so it came out some huge number here percent less dry than before (yes despite Armads' Jolly nature he doesn't like Dry food that much >_>). Also I could use tips on how to keep the juices from the meat from smoking up. Last time, I set off the smoke alarms. ;; This time, since the meat doesn't burn but the juice that cooks out does, I changed the aluminum foil before the baking was done. I'd just rather not have to do that every single time, since that means using twice as much foil all the time. :(

Also, I might turn in my Costco membership. I'll only ever have to shop for one person (my roommate has a car so if he needs anything he can get it himself), so shopping wholesale is kinda pointless. Costco has a pretty poor selection too, even if what they do sell comes in giant quantities for low prices. For my membership to pay for itself, I'd have to spend hundreds of dollars a month there. That's not only a bad idea, but there isn't even much there that I need. I'm better off just getting a refund for my membership and that's money back in my pocket. >_>

Speaking of money I haven't paid that sushi place a second visit yet. I'm too scared of getting carried away and spending too much like I did the first time. $20 for one lunch is pretty ridiculous. But it was sooo gooood. ;_;

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Updated 25th July 2009 at 10:38 AM by Armads

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  1. Tina's Avatar
    ... Isn't Jolly +Sweet -Dry? :( No wonder.

    No, you didn't set off smoke alarms. That was probably someone just highlight spamming on IRC. LOL SRY

    if I ever go to florida we have to go out for sushi D:<
  2. Armads's Avatar
    O. rite. lol :(

    But still my favorite flavor is actually Spicy ;;
  3. Tina's Avatar

    Adamant or Careful, I guess. :(
  4. YoshiSage's Avatar
    What about bitter?


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