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  1. This fantasy sure is final 8o

    -Link Removed-

    The COMPLETE soundtracks of all my favorite FFs, and then some. If I had the patience to sort through all 9999 tracks and convert them all to .m4a (for Mira-chan), I'd download every freaking one. (not to mention my space restrictions ;;)

    So far I've only downloaded the tracks of a handful of my favorites, namely VI, VIII, and XII. I felt like getting X, since I know it has a badass soundtrack, but part of me said no, because I haven't played ...

    Updated 13th June 2009 at 05:34 AM by Dogasu

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  2. This is, in fact, my conclusion

    Ace Attorney. Play the games in fucking order. For your own sake.

    Seriously I do not and cannot understand why EVERY FREAKING BODY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET plays Justice For All before the first game. And then they wonder why they lose interest and go around convincing others that the series isn't worth playing.

    The games are written to flow in a certain way. If you play them out of order, you WILL be lost, and you WILL lose patience. If you haven't experienced the ...
  3. College Kids, Cooling Fans, and Things Like Chemistry

    On that home stretch at school, into the final quarter and passing all my classes, acing all the State exams. I've already been accepted into university, but there's still some paperwork to get sorted out especially in the housing department. Can't wait to meet my roommate. :|

    In other news my laptop's cooling fan came in today. <3 It's an inch or two too small in width, but its expandable design lets Kurobi still sit comfortably on it. And the awesome thing is that one of its ...
  4. Beatrix


    [EDIT: And Kuja.]

    Updated 28th February 2009 at 01:02 PM by Armads

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  5. The Sealed Cave

    Another freaking Demon Wall. Seriously I thought I got enough of these things in XII. ;_;
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