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  1. PBR Online

    by , 19th March 2009 at 11:17 AM (A blog, isn't it?)
    It's super easy. :(

    Out of about ten battles I've entered this morning:
    Victories: 10.
    Times opponent surrendered: 5
    Teams with at least three Legendaries: 4
    Teams that KO'd either of my two lead pokemon: 4
    Teams that KO'd both of my lead pokemon: 2
    Number of different party configurations I used: 1
    Armads' overall challenge rating: 0.


    EDIT: Number of times opponent surrendered on very first turn: 1. ._.; ...

    Updated 19th March 2009 at 12:57 PM by Armads

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  2. Back from the Stratosphere

    by , 29th December 2008 at 08:08 PM (A blog, isn't it?)
    Well, not really. Staying in a hotel a few towns over from home, and I'm taking off again tomorrow morning. Once that's done I get to give the next several days to my new exbox three sixtee~♪

    I've spent pretty much all of my winter break breeding and training three new pokemon to add to my existing Battle Tower team, and they're growing very well. Alls I need is my'Lotic... ^_^

    Oh, except this one day me and my dad went to a firing range. Awesomecool stuff, my favorite ...
  3. Thank God for nice people ;_;

    by , 9th December 2008 at 06:52 PM (A blog, isn't it?)
    Today, I finally got my hands on another Pokemon Crystal to replace the one I lost years ago. It even has a working battery, and the person I bought it from happened to have two copies of the game, and only wanted ten bucks for this one.

    So now I have every Generation II game... again. Ah, 2001. How I surprisingly miss thee... ^____^
  4. This was a triumph

    by , 29th October 2008 at 08:31 PM (A blog, isn't it?)
    I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
    It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Quote Originally Posted by #nothemepark
    [20:04] <Armads> "Musculature is the ultimate beauty?"
    [20:04] <Armads> Is that even a word? <_<
    [20:05] <Armads> ...Wait, Tower Tycoon?
    [20:05] <Armads> Oh god. D8
    [20:05] <Armads> ...This guy walks
    [20:05] <Armads> really
    [20:05] <Armads> slow.
    [20:06] * Tina steps over to Armads, pausing
  5. Fwee~

    by , 27th October 2008 at 07:26 PM (A blog, isn't it?)
    The Battle Tower team is coming along well. Many thanks go out to and are to be divided evenly among those who helped me plan it. ^_^

    They're just piercing the level 40 barrier and are already tackling the League, but with a slight, last-minute modification that I dropped Umby's Taunt in favor of Protect. Cheap as heck, I know, but the game doesn't yell at me.

    The story of the battle with Aaron is a weird, weird one. Gallade handled the first several pokemon quite well, ...

    Updated 28th October 2008 at 06:48 PM by Armads

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