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Back from the Stratosphere

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Well, not really. Staying in a hotel a few towns over from home, and I'm taking off again tomorrow morning. Once that's done I get to give the next several days to my new exbox three sixtee~♪

I've spent pretty much all of my winter break breeding and training three new pokemon to add to my existing Battle Tower team, and they're growing very well. Alls I need is my'Lotic... ^_^

Oh, except this one day me and my dad went to a firing range. Awesomecool stuff, my favorite guns so far are the 22 Reuger [sp?] and a 38 revolver. The AR-15 was cool too. :O

And um, I got The Last Remnant on my new 360. I didn't have too many days to play, but fun game, that.

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