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Driving Test Woes

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by , 23rd June 2009 at 04:04 PM (368 Views)
Well, I had my driving test today to get my license. I can tell you that I was more than prepared, going as far as practicing parallel parking with some stanchions that my dad made. Everything was going to be fine.

So I arrive at the MVA, go through all the paperwork, and wait to go out and do what I need to do. So I start out. First thing is the parallel park. I go in and park pretty much as I needed to, despite bumping into the curb a little.

After that comes the turnabout. I struggled a little at first, trying to figure things out, but I end up doing fine. In fact, I go through the rest of the course without much trouble. It looks as though I'm going to get my license, no problem.

But then, I pulled out to go to the parking lot. All I need to do is enter the parking lot and park the car, and I've got the license. But just as I'm turning into the lot, some guy comes driving in off the road, not really noticing that I was taking a test. The person in the car with me tells me to stop, even though I was already moving my feet to stop the car. And wouldn't you know it? The car turns into the lot opposite of mine, without ever really crossing my path.

I pulled in, thinking that I had done all right. But my mood changed as soon as I saw the scorecard. 20 points off. Failure. She goes on to explain that I hadn't stopped soon enough (she had to tell me to stop) and the car was already going to cross the line into the other lane. Throughout it, three words cross my mind:

What. The. Fuck?

Really, I had done everything I could right. I was already preparing to turn when the car pulled into the parking lot. I stopped the car, never putting anyone in danger. What else could I have done? Frozen time?

So now, I have to wait until July 8th until I can retest. Yet I feel like I shouldn't have to wait. I did what I had to do. I had only lost four points up until that incident. And I was failed.


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  1. new mew's Avatar
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    Wow. That must suck.
  2. 's Avatar
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    My mum has failed her driving test 3 times so far, all on this one corner, she can't handle.
  3. MAGNEDETH's Avatar
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    *appears out of nowhere*
    as a professional driver myself, i can honestly say, you got fucked.
  4. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Don't pay it ANY attention, I just finished my Driver's Ed class and he would be like "SPEED UP!" and I'm already going like 55 (the usual speed limit) and then when we go to a stop I'm slowing down like 50-ish feet away to stop easier, and he's still "SPEED UP!" and then when we get like 2 feet away he's like "STOP!" and I have to practically slam on the brakes. And then there was that time he told me to pull up by the mailbox and I go to pull up by it and he's like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and I'm like "PULLING UP BY THE MAILBOX TO DROP YOUR DANG LETTER OFF!?!" and he's like "WE AREN'T DROPPING OFF A LETTER!" and I'm like "HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?" and all with people sitting in the back of the car. People who work with cars like that are just crazy...


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