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The Barn is Up!

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I posted last week about the rebuilding of the barn. Well, I'm happy to report that the barn is up. The remaining work was finished in one day.


A community effort

Cumberland Times-News

Members of the Amish community hold a barn-raising Thursday for longtime Allegany County farmer John Helmstetter. About 100 people came to build the second floor of the barn, which is to replace the 110-year-old barn along Helmstetter’s Curve that was lost in a July fire. Friends, family and railroad fans have worked to raise more than $40,000 for the effort, the majority coming from benefit rides on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.
I am really kicking myself that I couldn't be there in person. I really wanted to be there, but I of course had school and the play. Still, it's great to see that the new barn is up. Many train sites are bussing with the news, and there are photos floating around (there's one series on a site that show the barn being built throughout the day, but it's a train site that you have to be a member of).

Here's a photo of the barn being built, courtesy of the Cumberland Times-News:

However, there is one bit of disappointing news I have to report. According to my grandmother--who was born at the farm and went up to see the new barn being raised--told me that John Helmstetter, my uncle, turned down an interview with...wait for it...

Katie Couric

Apparently, he had never heard of her. Oh well. I'm just happy the barn is up. Can't wait to go up and see it myself.


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  1. Steven's Avatar
    Katie Couric? La-di-freaking-da. If anything, she would've wasted his time.
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    that is an awesome photo xD
  3. PokemonHero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mijzelffan
    that is an awesome photo xD
    Yeah, when I found that photo on the Times-News website, I knew that I had to post it. It just shows how much the community has supported him.


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