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Shiny Blaze

France to Kalos

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by , 15th October 2013 at 04:23 PM (2448 Views)
I've been playing Pokémon XY like many others the past couple of days, and I'm currently at the fifth Gym, in Lumiose City, which Gym Leader is Clemont of course. But first I'm doing a bit of sightseeing in Lumiose. I've developed a love/hate relationship with Lumiose. At one side I love everything there, so much detail and so much to see, but on the other side I get lost all the time and I want to see everything and check every store and café, but I've lost overview where everything is ;_; And here I thought Castelia City was big.... I don't really hate Lumiose though, I just like to have a good overview of things. Thats why I'm currently in the process of creating a map of Lumiose with every building located so it will be easier to explore. I will post it here for others to use when I've completed it.

Anyway, I was going to talk about something else... I've seen everything to the west of Kalos now, and I must say... GameFreak did an AWESOME job at transitioning France into the Kalos region. I've been to France many times in my life and have been to Paris once, last year. So far everything has been a great parade of memories. They did a really great job of creating locations in the game that are almost just like locations in France. The best example for me would be Perfume Palace. The Perfume Palace is based of Versailles Palace, and I must say, it's so much like its real life counterpart. When I visited Paris last year I also visited Versailles Palace and exploring the Perfume Palace and its gardens, it was almost as if I was back at Versailles and visited it once more. They even included the beautiful mirror hall! I was so happy to see that. Even the Route that precedes Perfume Palace, Route 6, looks a lot like the lane that lies in front of Versailles Palace (except for all the high grass stuff ).

Well, onto exploring the east of Kalos for me then
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  1. Autumnbreeze's Avatar
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    I actually beat the game already, and I agree, they did a fabulous job. There's much more for you to see >u> Not to mention the graphics are GORGEOUS! Pokemon has come so far, I'm so proud! *tear drop*
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  2. KamranMackey's Avatar
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    I am loving the Kalos region as well, and I earned my 2nd Gym Badge like an hour ago. But yet I have been playing the game for 10 hours, and haven't even reached the 3rd Pokémon Gym. I've mostly been talking to people and trying to collect every item.
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