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Question Time, Again

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Have a few free minutes over the next few days, so why not. Ask me (just about) anything in the comments of this blog and I'll answer as best I can in a post tomorrow or Thursday.

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  1. OverlordRuby's Avatar
    Do you watch any animes besides Pokémon?
  2. Karisse's Avatar
    Who is your profile picture?
  3. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    If you were going to change your avatar, what would you change it to?
  4. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    Have you seen FLCL(Fooly Cooly)
  5. Mako's Avatar
    The Normans are coming to slaughter your people. Quick! Who would you rather have on your side: Count Dracula or Solomon Grundy?
  6. Mintaka's Avatar
    1. You're hungry and you see these dishes on a table. A nutella sandwich, a bowl of cream soup, and a slice of apple pie.
    You can choose only one of the three choices. Which would you take?
    2. What do you find the most annoying error/glitch/etc in a (typical) computer?
    3. Three words to describe BMGf. Go.


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