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What have I become.. my sweetest friend..

You can have it so much better.. with the Bulbagardens.

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I knew it would have to come to this, running out of ideas for my blog, and in the end due to recent occurrences, i'm pronouncing my love for the Bulbagarden forums and I guess overall, the Bulbagarden community. There's something about the Gardens that brings out the best of Pokemon. Sadly Pokemon's not exactly one of the popular genres for people my age, so finding others and especially others who are my age that are interested in Pokemon is fantastic. The good thing about the gardens is that it doesn't exactly have those 'others', but has the more mature people.

One might think.... do 'Mature people' matter? Well, it definitely does. Every forum has it's spammer, troller, or just plain out a-hole. Yet that's something we have to expect. Regardless of how great a forum or community is, there's bound to be people like that. The good thing is that the gardens is 'small' enough to handle these types of people. When put against normal Bulbagardeners, those sort of people stand out like a sore thumb. I'd rather not compare.. but for the sake of comparing I will. Let's take for example. While I'm a proud forumgoer there is well, I simply cannot stand the place sometimes.. As a proud North American growing up with English as a First Language, I simply can't stand all of the young adolsecents on those boards running around with their half-ass grammar and their constant 'I'm posting just enough so i don't get caught for spamming, cause I'm just trying to raise my post-count" attitude.

I'll admit it. I'm sometimes a selfish person, we all are at some point in time. So when I contribute to a forum, a thread, or a post, I'm kinda expecting to get some attention. With such a big forum like Serebii, my views are neglected by most and instead replaced by... posts from young adolescents that are 'agreeing with my post, but just enough so they don't get caught for spamming yet they're still raising their post-count'. When I post something I don't expect much, but I would at least appreciate some gosh-darn intelligence.

Now, I'm not trying to make Serebiiforums look bad, but what can I say? I enjoy the gardens so much better. The level of intelligence, along with the 'closely-knit family' vibe I'm getting just makes this place even more enjoyable. Poke-fandom is something I would tend to shy away from, but the gardens seem to pull me back into it. Not everyone enjoys Poke in their face all the time so along with the 'mature members' here, it's good to know that there's sometimes when you can just let loose and vent your frustration that you have on the world.

Now, serebiiforums isn't half-bad. It does have it's good spots, like it's corresponding site, Personally though, I seem to prefer the garden's corresponding site Bulbapedia so much more. With the search function, you get what you want and when you want it. Heck, the news thing isn't half-bad either. Now is it better than the rest of the Pokesites out there? That simply can't be said because they're all unique. I commend Serebii for having daily-upon-daily new material, while Smogon is pretty much the premier-battling site around. Bulbapedia on the other hand.. is just perfect for a person like me. Like I said before, the search function is near flawless, and there's something I love about a wiki site regardless of what fandom it's on.

Now let's tackle #bulbagarden, the beloved chatroom of the gardens. At first I was very tentative about the chat. When I entered earlier on before, no one said all too much. But.. I realized i was expecting way too much from them. When you meet strangers, do you always say hello? So the next time I went in, I was the one saying 'hello', and after my 3-day expedition into #bulbagarden, I simply can't get enough of it. I've been to other chatrooms before, and the activity of the chat(not too many people, but not dead either) is remarkable. I'd rather not compare it to the other chatrooms of other Poke sites, because I'll just be repeating most of the opinions I said earlier..

Overall.. what can I say? I love it here. While I probably could've said even more about how much I love the Bulbagardens/Bulbapedia/Bulbachat and even get into specifics, I think you all know what I mean, and even feel the same way i do as well. While the gardens may not be the biggest or active site around, it's helluva fine for me. Let's just say I like my 'closely-knit family'

Thanks so much Bulba! Thank you so much.


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Updated 20th August 2008 at 06:17 AM by Quartzthyst

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  1. Lethal Carnivine's Avatar
    Heh, I feel the exact same way too Blurrz. Especially about posting on Serebii

    I like posting here, because if someone agrees or disagrees with me, they give an intelligent reason why.

    And we are like a close knit dysfunctional family lol.
  2. Misty's Avatar
    I want to print this post out and frame it. Seriously.
  3. Quartzthyst's Avatar
    Ah Douggy...

    Cooltrainer_Doug = 'plain out a-hole'

    Thanks for the comments LC and Misty :)
  4. Tina's Avatar

    (Bulbagarden's practically my only home on the Internet. I love it here.)
  5. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    You do have a wonderful point. Part of serebii forums' problem is the fact that the page is so popular, that is generally the first forum that a lot of kids will go to. This means that less people discover us, and we are still able to keep our family feel. While there are some jerkoffs on the forums and sometimes in the chat, at least we know that they are not the majority (and generally we do our best to get rid of them as long as they break enough rules).

    Thank you for your truly heartfelt post, and I am proud to be here with you in the bulbagarden family.
  6. Mukubird's Avatar
  7. Doug's Avatar
    Blurrz you got me an infraction :O
  8. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    No Doug, you got *yourself* an infraction.
  9. The Outrage's Avatar
    I agree :P
  10. QuietDragon's Avatar
    Definitely agreed, especially about the closely-knit family vibes this place has going on.
    I actually get confused/interested whenever I see someone I don't recognize!

    On Serebii Forums, besides the well-known members, most people meld into one another, sucked into a vacuum of poor spelling and bare-bones-"posts." ^^;;

    And I frequent Serebii Forums as well!

    A sweet post, this was. ^^


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