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Well, I finally did it.

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by , 6th April 2013 at 04:23 AM (1516 Views)
I finally worked up the nerve to revive my old fanfiction.net account. To be perfectly honest, my ego could use the boost.

I just put up chapter one of the fic I've been posting here, Heart of Crystal. I've made some small revisions to the first chapter, but I'm still really nervous. I hope its received well - I haven't been to ff.net in about five years, and honestly I was kind of unsure whether or not I should revive the account or not. But I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a bit of a review addict, and even though I don't anticipate any actual feedback from there, just getting responses of any kind should help motivate me to keep going.

You can still read the fic here, though, and the latest chapter is here.

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    Apologies for not knowing you so well and commenting on your blog. Your story of revival just touched me.

    Congratulations on reviving your FF.net account! I read the first chapter of the story and am just really, really excited for you. I enjoyed what I read and am looking forward to read more and comment on the story here at BMGF.

    Just never let go of those dreams. You obviously have a deep love for writing and a passion that, however dim it may have become through the obstacles of life, is there and inside you to create and explore. And, from your writing, I think it has a good reason to be there. :) Writing styles are always changing and expanding as we grow...so I am thrilled to see what you will do next.

    Please keep going. Please keep following your dreams. This clearly makes you happy (for good reason!) and that, out of all things, is a reason to do it. Personally, I love writing even knowing if one person can be touched. Your story of getting back up again and seeing what you can make out of things has touched me...and I hope that others see it and see what your passion can do. So excited for this new chapter in your life!
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