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Just had an EPIC battle

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by , 26th November 2010 at 01:28 AM (270 Views)
Thanks insomniac. It was a great match, and I learned a lot of stuff about the weaknesses of this team.

...Oh, a story? Sure, I'll tell you the story.


So I lead with a Skarmory, he leads with a Machamp. I get up rocks, he DynamicPunches, does a little under half.

I switch out to my Rotom, then forget that Machamp can carry Payback and use Shadow Ball. Down goes Rotom. So I bring Skarm back in and use Brave Bird to just kill the thing.

Machamp goes down. He brings in a Swampert. I roost, he sets up rocks. He Ice Beams as I go for the whirlwind and that drags out HIS Skarmory.

I whirlwind it out immediately, goes back into Swampert. I switch out into my Blissey predicting the Ice Beam, but he Roars into my Regice.

He Earthquakes, I use Ice Beam. Luckily he decided to Roar so I get a Rest off on the next turn.

He roars into my Regirock (which I should probably run on a sandstorm team...except I don't have one...). He switches back to Skarmory, and I switch to MY Skarmory. I get the Whirlwind and take him to his Magnezone, but since I run Shed Shell, I switch to Regirock again. He Thunderbolts, takes me to 67 HP (88 after lefties). He switches, goes to Skarmory as I Fire Punch. It does fuck all.

We get some lefties, he gets another layer of spikes up and I Curse. I stupidly think he'll go for another layer of Spikes and Curse again, but he whirlwinds me into my Breloom. I get Toxic Orb off, which is nice, then I Spore, not wanting to risk a Brave Bird.

But then after Skarm's asleep he switches to a fucking Gengar and absorbs my Sky Uppercut.
I protect, he Substitutes, and I'm like "SHIT."

So I switch to Blissey, figuring that even with all the entry hazards she can live a Focus Blast, and I'm right. Barely, but I'm right. The Gengar is Life Orbed, which I missed during the battle itself. He Focus Blasts, it misses (thank god) and I use Softboiled.

I'm thinking at this point I can stall him out of Focus Blast and get in something to take this down, but then he Pain Splits and I'm like "...damn."

We stall each other for a bit -- I just keep using Softboiled, he keeps going for Focus Blast and Pain Split.

Eventually I run out of PP for Softboiled, but he runs out of PP for Focus Blast, too, so I switch into Skarmory, thinking my Sp. Def EVs will help out a little, but he Shadow Balls instead of Pain Splits like I predicted and get the Sp. Def drop. So down goes my Skarmory.

I bring in Regice, who's still asleep. He Shadow Balls, and I Sleep Talk and get the Ice Beam, so that breaks his sub. He shadow balls AGAIN, but I BARELY live (16 HP) and get the Ice Beam AGAIN with Sleep Talk. And it KOs.

So he brings in Swampert, he Earthquakes, down goes Regice. I bring in Breloom again and Protect as he Ice Beams. At this point I'm PRAYING I outspeed (since I don't know my speed tiers all that well...) and use Seed Bomb, and it ends up KOing Swampert.

Down goes Swampert, he brings in Magnezone, and I'm predicting the HP Ice, so I Protect again. He outspeeds me, which I didn't expect (but was my clue this guy was Scarfed), and Hidden Power actually takes me down to 3 HP. But I live, and Sky Uppercut hits, and Magnezone is KOed.

He then goes into the last poke on his team that I haven't seen - an Empoleon. I predict the Ice Beam and Protect, but then he Substitutes. Once more I am like "SHITBALLS. SubPetaya."

I send in Regirock trying to get an Earthquake off, but he Surfs, and that's when I realize he doesn't carry Ice Beam and my Regirock has now become fodder.

So I go into Blissey, and he keeps Surfing as I keep Seismic Tossing. His surfs are doing fuck all, even though I know what's coming. He Substitutes again, I Seismic Toss, break his sub, but then he goes for a Surf instead of his last sub and I'm able to get him down into the red. At this point Blissey's at 379 HP. He Surfs, and I actually live with 144 HP left. I Seismic Toss and KO Empoleon so now his last is a sleeping Skarmory.

I just Seismic Toss that once as he sleeps, but on the next turn he wakes up after I toss him and Whirlwinds to Breloom. I manage to live the entry hazards, and Sky Uppercut hits AGAIN for the KO.


It was a great match, really. I'm glad I had it, and even though I won 2-0, I honestly didn't think I'd win at all. It was my first time really using this team, and I learned a lot about it in the process. I learned a lot about myself, too -- especially how I need to brush up on my speed tiers.

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  1. Ivysaur's Avatar
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    Sounds like they were some fun battles. I've love to battle you sometime whenever I decide to raise a competitive team.
  2. Sublime's Avatar
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    If I only kept Machamp alive...


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