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  1. Bandwagons are fun when you're bored xD

    1. Name: Kelsey
    2. Nickname: Feliciano, Feli, Ari
    3. Birthday: May 22, 1990
    4. Male or female: female
    5. Elementary school: Ross Elementary, then Nicholas Elementary
    6. High school: Chaparral High School
    7. College: University of California, Riverside
    8. Hair color: Blonde/brown
    9. Tall or short: Short
    10. Dogs or cats: Gotta admit, I like cats, but I love dogs more
    11. Sweats or jeans: ...Tough call. Jeans
    12. Phone or ...
  2. Some Fire Red team ideas

    So, I was up until 5am last night writing a paper for my art history class. I got up and went to class today to hand it in, but it was damn hard for me to stay awake in there. So I did what I usually do when I'm trying to stay awake in classes: I thought up pokemon teams for in-game playthroughs.

    I mentioned wanting to do an Emerald LP, yeah? Well, I've also been kicking around the idea of a Fire Red LP. Obviously, I'd start with Bulbasaur but I had a lot of fun trying to think ...
  3. Cosplay Plans

    Not like anyone really cares, but I've got some cosplay plans lined up for the future.

    Premiering (hopefully) at Anime Conji 2011, in San Diego, Apollo Justice (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)

    Currently not started, but in the works:
    Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

    Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

    Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)

    Flareon (gijinka; Pokemon)
  4. Let's Play Pokemon Emerald - Team Confirmed!

    So, remember this blog when I talked about starting up a Let's Play of Pokemon Emerald? If you don't, go check it out, because I really don't feel like repeating myself.

    Anyway, I've figured out a team to use in it! Again, barring the starter, I'm trying to use pokemon that either aren't very good or just simply aren't used very much in the game, and I think I've got a fairly well-balanced mix.

    I hope to be using:


    Delcatty ...
  5. Hey, everypony!

    I made a forum!

    Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on over to Fillydelphia, a forum for all your pony needs. We're still new, so please join and help the community grow!
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