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My fic, Heart of Crystal, is going on an indefinite hiatus. The computer it's being written on is having internet trouble. For some reason, it won't connect to my router's WiFi, even though it'll connect to an ethernet cable (though that requires me to be in my dad's office instead of in my room...) and will connect to other WiFi sources (like the Apple Store's WiFi when I took it in last week to get this looked at and temporarily fixed). I don't feel comfortable using a USB drive to write it on my mom's laptop (where I am now) because frankly I don't like to show my parents what I write anyway and I'm certainly not about to start with showing them Pokemon fanfiction. My parents are considering getting a new router and/or upgrading our current plan, but since the main desktop computer is in for repairs, they can't do anything until they get it back. So until I can get this issue fixed, my fic will be on hiatus, and my own availability will be limited.

On the upside, this should give you plenty of time to check out my fic if you're interested in reading it. I've been told the length of the chapters can be intimidating, but now you can catch up at your own pace without worrying about getting left behind. The link to the beginning and latest chapter can both be found in my sig. If you do read, please drop a response, good or bad, at the end!

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  1. Setra's Avatar
    WHY U LEAVE US ON A SAD NOTE!? D: I hope you get your Internet fixed. :D


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