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Collecting pony requests

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Hey, you.

Have you ever wanted to be a pony?

Well, I'm bored and messing around on the Pony Maker on Facebook, and I got the bright idea to make pony versions of my peeps on Bulbagarden. If you want to be made into a pony, leave a comment here and then PM me a picture of you. Once I'm done with the pony, I'll PM the finished picture back to you. This is totally confidential, I won't share your pictures with anyone. If you've got any requests for your pony, make sure and let me know, and I'll see if I can find a way to incorporate them (I've got to work within the limits of the pony maker, though, so please don't feel bad if I can't fulfill your request - you'll still get a pony!).

If enough people are okay with it, I'll make another blog later on sharing the pictures. For now, here are some of the ponies I've already made to give you a taste of what I can do.

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  1. RaiThunder's Avatar
    This sounds pretty cool! If you're still doing it, I'll pm you a picture tomorrow. :)
  2. Princess of Lumas's Avatar
    Sure :) I love MLP


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