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Wait, didn't I die or something?

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So, it's been several months since I've made any kind of post here! Kinda got burned out from it at first, nowadays idk. I'm still watching the Pokemon anime, though. However I'm not keeping up with what goes on in Japan NEARLY as much as I used to - kind of a side-effect of not coming around the forums, I guess. And while I'm very much enjoying the XY anime, I don't love it quite enough to wake up an hour earlier every Thursday morning to catch it in live raw Japanese. That's effort I need to be concentrating on putting towards the new Sailor Moon anime when it airs in July. :P

YES, amazingly enough, I am enjoying the XY anime with little to no complaints about it so far as I've seen! The Ash/Clemont/Bonnie/Serena group is my favorite group since AG's - I guess it's not a coincidence that that was also a quartet with siblings. I also adore each individual of the group. Clemont I'm particularly fond of because I likez the megane boys and the way he's being written is a lot like how I imagine I'd be writing Conway if I was far enough in the fic to have him in a group with Paul and Barry, but I also adore Bonnie, Ash is VASTLY improved from how he was in the previous series, and I'm even alright with Serena. I understand, and to an extent agree with the concerns of the (apparent) lack of direction of Serena's character and goal, but I'm willing to give the staff the benefit of the doubt and trust that they'll get around to expanding her role in due time. It took May a while to get on her feet too, after all! And it helps that Serena otherwise just doesn't annoy me at all, so there's no element of frustration that's making me want the series to hurry up and make her do something of value, unlike a certain other character. :P And where I was annoyed with at least 2/3rds of the group interactions in Best Wishes, I 100% legitimately enjoy all of the interactions of the XY cast. From Ash and Clemont meshing well as friends (and I totally like, want an episode where Ash thinks science is indistinguishable from magic, so he meets some hack magician and calls over Clemont to inadvertently create tension where Clemont gets offended that Ash thinks his ACTUAL science is comparable to parlor tricks XD), Clemont and Bonnie's sibling bickering and bonding (as well as Bonnie trying to get her brother hitched to any woman she sees on the street ~ OH how the implications of that can create something so inappropriate!), Serena and Bonnie having a sisterly kind of friendship and also getting on well with Clemont (though it seems implied that she realizes Clemont's inventions are doomed to failure well before they happen, but hey, at least she's not repetitively rude about it~) helps expand her character beyond her obvious crush on Ash... which, by itself, I actually don't mind because I hate Pokeshipping and will happily accept anything that will push away any possibility of Misty returning and/or getting shipping implied with Ash. But it also helps that Serena's capable of interacting with Ash beyond the crush-related topics as well. And thanks to her being a new trainer and Bonnie being a little kid, Ash is thankfully rid of his stage of character regression that plagued him throughout the entirety of Best Wishes. And yet he's still interesting, and still obviously Ash! I mean, last week's dub episode had him thinking he could run on water, and that was legitimately funny, so there you go. I also like that Serena, as a new trainer, asks some good questions, like I recall her asking about the "when the eyes of two trainers meet, they battle" being an actual rule... which is quite intriguing to see how the anime regards this line we see in every main series game but never really reference until now. We get some very nice game homages here and there.

And it helps that the Pokemon themselves are a lot better than last series, too. I'm really glad they went with AG's method of spreading the starters across the entire cast; this early on I'm still pretty confident that they'll all have proper time to shine and hopefully all might fully evolve by the end of the series. ESPECIALLY FROAKIE, who is by far the best Water-type starter showcased in the anime thus far. Rather than marketing Froakie for cuteness factor and making it really annoying and prone to massive failure, Froakie is astoundingly competent both in terms of personality and battling ability (hell, it saw though TR's bullshit disguises in the series intro; that act alone makes it smartest member of the entire main cast :P). And I'm sure most of us want Ash to finally have a fully-evolved Water starter; no doubt Froakie is the most likely candidate of the three to achieve that. I kinda wish there were some more captures by this point (in Japan I mean; they're nearing the 30-episode mark if I'm not mistaken), but after the massive rush of captures from Best Wishes that resulted in major wastes of potential (and wastes of space, honestly) and VERY forgettable Pokemon, I'm understanding the concept of taking time to space the captures out here. I'm hoping, because Fletching will eventually evolve into a Fire/Flying-type, that it will be a more interesting cast member once that happens AND that it will eliminate Ash's need for a Fire-type substitute due to not having Fennekin, which will allow for one more potential slot for another type of Pokemon. So yeah, I'm back to having high hopes for the anime again and I'm not hesitant to feel that way because I'm pretty sold that XY will be handled quite solidly, now that I've watched this many episodes.

Oh right, and because I thought Team Rocket's "serious" personas early on in BW were boring as shit and accomplished pretty much nothing (they weren't really competent so much as they just ACTED like they were competent), I'm fine with having them fully back to their old selves (even though they've kinda been that way even before BW ended) and I'm not having much issue with their screentime, either. I was actually very impressed how Wobbuffet was ACTUALLY BEING USED IN BATTLE early on in XY, because it really reflected the Uber status that the metagamers deem it to be... and I remember how it was also somewhat of a hindrance with Mirror Coat being able to backfire on TR as well, which justified the capture of Pumpkaboo and James needed Inkay as he had nothing else on hand. Does make me wonder how Yanmega, Mime Jr., and Carnivine are doing, but there's been so much for me to enjoy in XY that I'm not really that bothered with their absence, really.

So... yes! I am liking XY, there is very little about it that I dislike, and virtually nothing about it invokes my rage or disgust thus far.

I guess that's all I wanted to get off my chest for now. I was pretty quiet for a while until Best Wishes was around this point when it aired, so I don't find it too unusual that I've been entirely silent on the forums up to this point. Dunno when or if I'll get around to posting on the forums proper. Guess it'll depend on my mood. I do find it kinda disturbing that there are people outside this forum that STILL whine about me for having opinions, even as recently as a month ago, even though I haven't posted in several months. Dunno, I suppose it's reasonable that I find that obsessive behavior disturbing. I'm curious if I'd get flak for liking XY or something... but meh. Wouldn't surprise me!

I will say, though, given the option if there WERE actual RS remakes being a thing, I'd totally take a May cameo even if it's at the cost of Iris and Cilan getting to cameo in XY. My loathing of Iris overriding my enjoyment of Cilan aside, May's like my favorite female character anyway. Of course I'll want her to appear over the other two - ESPECIALLY if she brought Max with her. Because yeah, I can think of nothing better in a cameo scenario than Bonnie and Max sharing scenes together, truth be told~.

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Yeah you been gone awhile WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORDS. Let me take my time with dis dang.
  2. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Good to know you're alive and enjoying the show Shinneth. I can't say I wasn't curious as to what you thought about XY, I've barely seen any of it sadly but it's heartening to know that when I can catch up it'll be a good watch.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I really dig the theme song.
  4. Johtohfiller's Avatar
    Looks like your thoughts on XY are similar to mine, glad you're enjoying it. I recommend watching it in Japanese if you aren't already, it has a very impressive soundtrack that the dub unfortunately mangles.
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar
    The XY anime is really awesome! :)
  6. Reila's Avatar
    ^ That is overstating it a bit. It is pretty good, better than BW, but awesome? Nah...

    Anyway, hello there Shinneth. I miss reading your thoughts about the anime and its characters in the anime section.
  7. Madame Pika's Avatar
    It's nice to see you back. Glad to hear that you like XY.


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