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Total DRAMA Wiki, so aptly named.

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For years, I was almost universally loved on the Total Drama Wiki and considered a legend there. I was a member since 2008, briefly an administrator, now a bureaucrat. I'll likely stay one since the only way to get rid of that position is for me to step down myself, but after the events that transpired today, I think I'm going to stay one if only out of spite. Even if they somehow manage to get some mega higher-up from Wikia to take me off, I don't care. Today most of them proved to be nothing more than overly-righteous elitists that vomit out shallow assumptions and gross overstatements.

I've been exhausted enough just trying to hold a civil conversation with those people earlier today (one person continuously insulted me while I just tried to explain my case and asked for said person to stop, only for them to accuse me of "fighting") to go into details, but they sure have a lot of nerve to accuse me of caring more about my status rather than the wiki itself. Finding out the main offender of the people who antagonized me was a 13 year-old girl explained a lot. Sorry, kid, I guess I can't expect you to understand the demands of a full-time job that constantly wears you down and a number of other projects to make time for that came well before the wiki ever did, huh?

Can't believe I wasted my time trying to appeal to those people. Then again, until now they'd been pretty awesome to me for the most part. It's scary how quickly people can turn on you like that. It makes me even more thankful that my Trifecta readers have been so supporting of me even though my laziness and real-life issues has caused them to wait so much.

Since b-crats can't be demoted unless said b-crat does so voluntarily, I think I'll stay that way if only to spite them. Even if they can get someone from Wikia to intervene, I don't really give a fuck.

It's one less thing weighed down on me, at least. All things considered, I am still proud of the wiki for the amazing amount of progress that was made since its humble beginnings and I was happy to be part of it while I was enjoying it, but nothing good is meant to last forever, I suppose. I wish it could've been on better terms, but when people who BARELY know me make such horrible claims about who I am as a person, I know that's a sign to get the fuck out of there.

Sure, I could have handled my minor breakdown on the wiki blog better, but I don't think anything I said there warranted the treatment I received at the IRC chat.

For the record, this doesn't involve anybody from here, so hopefully that's all I need to say about that. :P

I'm thinking of making another post soon about some in-game Pokemon teams I've been playing around with. Might get around to that in the next two days.

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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Oh god, this blog makes me feel bad because I encouraged you to write a blog there(haven't checked it out yet) hoping to resolve things. If I haven't done so the hate wouldn't have started again. At least you finally took the weight off your chest. That's what matters in the end. Now you've got one less thing to worry about!

    Can't wait for the Pokemon teams blog! Good luck on getting to finish your fic too!
  2. Shinneth's Avatar
    Nah, you shouldn't feel any bit responsible. I actually had wrote out the entire blog post there before I ever saw your reply here, so you had nothing to do with the tragic events that transpired afterwards. If nothing else, it sure shows the true colors of the people I once considered friends. And it was worth it to get the weight off my chest. That's why I tend to be up-front blunt about most things. Whenever I bottle things up and keep quiet about them for months (like I did for this situation), it blew up and incurred damnation from just about everyone.

    But I'll be sure to do my best to recover after spending the rest of tonight going through LP videos. ^^;


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