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  1. Shin used ROSE-TINTED NOSTALGIA GLASSES! But it failed!

    So I just watched Viva Las Lapras! on Boomerang. It reminded me of something that greatly annoyed me about the 4Kids dub... besides the obvious things that annoyed me about the 4Kids dub.

    You know how some people think the "Let's go!" that's inserted at the end of battle commands now and then in the TCPi dub is super-annoying? I think that's overblown. It's slightly grating for me, but it feels natural enough and it's just a matter of matching lip flaps anyway, so it doesn't ...

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  2. 3 years, 18 chapters! That rounds out well, right?

    Travels of the Trifecta! is officially three years old as of today. That's right. 3 years ago, I was sparked with sudden inspiration to make an at-the-time one-shot of Paul based shortly after an episode that had just aired back then in Japan; DP100 aka Aiding the Enemy! aka the episode where Ash's Turtwig evolved to Grotle and forever went downhill in usefulness.

    That episode moved me to create this giant monster of a fic. 18 chapters, reaching dangerously close to .5 million words ...

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  3. A Plurk appeared! And it's wild!

    In case it wasn't obvious from the lack of new posts since last November, I don't really use my personal LJ anymore. I don't use LJ in general besides for RPing purposes anyway, so I altered my sig to get rid of that link and add the plurk link, which I've recently established.

    Just in case no one pays attention to the sig and has a plurk of their own and might be interested in befriending me there, I'm just making it known here just in case. In retrospect I dunno WHY you'd want ...
  4. I loved that jab at lengthy transformation sequences in Voltron Force last night.

    It's so nice to have Trifecta 18 done, you have no idea. Now I'll get to write some really fun things whenever I get to starting chapter 19, which shouldn't be long from now. First I just have to vent out all my negativity so I don't drive myself insane from bottling all up inside.

    Also, since when was the word "Mary Sue" treated like it's up in the leagues of racist slurs around here? Oh, right. Because it's been associated with Iris, and apparently you're a horrible person ...

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  5. Totally writing this in advance

    For anyone who still remembers or cares: Trifecta 18 is nearing completion. It's been over six months since the last update, which can be attributed to A) Me getting Pokemon White, B) Me not realizing that April is the busiest month of the year for the IRS, so work kicked my ass and every day since then I've been coming home far too exhausted to do much of anything, C) Getting my ass kicked again with work this month since we're closing international cases again, which sent us from getting very ...

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