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This here is the post where you can tell me exactly what you think of me. Because I sure don't have a clue.

Normally I avoid this kind of thing because my paranoia and desire for individuality overrides anything large groups of people do... but today I'm exhausted and overworked and mentally scrambled from physical exertion. So I'm sure I'll live to regret this later, but whatever.

No need to hold back on any harsh blunt remarks. Let your love/hatred/neutrality run wild and free.

Maybe I'll even reply and return the favor.

Enticing, ain't it.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I like you! You're smart and funny.
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I think that you should be less negative about BW. I realize that it's just your opinion but hey, since you already have things you like in BW, why not emphasize on them instead of going after things you dislike? Just a suggestion, do what you like.

    Other than that, I'm really just neutral. xD
  3. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    I like you just the way you are
  4. MizuTaipu's Avatar
    You're very kind and I love your detailed thoughts/criticism about the anime.
  5. Meron's Avatar
    I used to not like you much because of some lil catfight we had, but now I think you're cool beans. :3
  6. Froakie's Avatar
    You're a really cool member and I really like reading your opinions on the anime, even if you never replied to my vm. ;)
  7. Shinneth's Avatar

    Because the things I like in BW can only take me so far. And even the good things can be screwed up at any time if the writers are so inclined. And focusing too much on the positive things might make me get my hopes up, like how I was before BW actually started. It's much better for me to have extremely low expectations and focus on the negative... so when good things DO happen, they bring a lot more joy to me because I'll have been genuinely, pleasantly surprised. And if bad things happen, I won't be so badly let down.

    Besides that, the more interesting/thought-provoking aspects of BW revolve around aspects I dislike. That's just the way it is. The writers are the biggest enigma of all, and while I have mostly bad things to say about them for BW, I usually praise them in the other series. They're a living contradiction, and since I know they can do better, I feel no need to shower BW with praise and love until I'm convinced they're really turning the series around for the better.

    tl;dr: it's more fun for me to be negative.
  8. Tsutarja's Avatar

    Haha, well that's another way to look at it. I guess we don't all function the same way. ^^
  9. Shinneth's Avatar

    Whoops! Sorry about that. ^^; I can be awfully forgetful. But thank you; you definitely stand out because big-time Brock fans aren't exactly common and I liked Brock a lot (even in DP). The vendetta against Cilan made me a bit uncomfortable, admittedly, even though I wasn't really a fan of his until Burgundy appeared, but then again I'm really not one to talk about vendettas. :') I'll try to be better about replying back to you in the future.
  10. Shinneth's Avatar

    I remember what it was, and it was so nasty that it's best I don't get into the details, but all in all it was pretty much a misunderstanding. :P I didn't like you then either, but that all went away once we actually got to talk to each other in a casual setting. I never thought I'd find someone else in the same position as me with the love-hate complex for Winx Club. XD
  11. Bouffalant Herdier's Avatar
    You're very clever and opinionated, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Always a delight to read your posts.
  12. HumanDawn's Avatar
    I was coincidentally going to tell you what I think of you yesterday, Shinneth. Now's the chance to tell you my feelings. The problem is, I'm not sure what my feelings are towards you. When I first started reading your posts about how much you hated what happens in BW in such great detail, I was first thinking whether you were being serious or not.

    I started checking reviews about episodes frequently just to read your posts. So much hate to Iris, my second favorite female companion. So much hate to Ash with his childish behavior, rooster and his rival Trip. As I kept on reading a hatred grew inside of me. The hatred was strange to feel. I didn't want to feel it, so I stopped reading your posts for a while. I watched one of the newest episodes of Best Wishes and I couldn't stop thinking about you. "What would Shinneth think?". I gave your opinion on the matter too much worth. You could say that I was addicted. Though, this didn't make Best Wishes less enjoyable for me.

    The majority of your posts consisted of you saying how much better Diamond and Pearl was compared to Best Wishes saying that character development, training of Pokemon, rivals and battles were all superior. I started to think that maybe Diamond and Pearl wasn't such a terrible season after all. Then I started watching Diamond and Pearl again and my depression returned. "What to do?", I asked myself. Then I said: "Watch an episode of Best Wishes of course!" and my depression disappeared.

    After some deep thought, I concluded that I felt magnetized to you. I started looking up to you a lot. "Is it love?" I asked myself. Could it be that that hatred was actually love? I'm still not sure till this day. You infuriate me with your posts, yet you make me smile. You're cool and arrogant which makes you strong and independent. All elements that make me hate you and love you at the same time.

    Now I've decided. The rivalry starts now. I want to debate what you think about something that you do not agree with. Debating is a fun thing to do with the right people and you're one of them. Before I said to myself:"Am I strong enough?", and now I say: "Bring it on!". I want to feel it. We're both insanse, Shinneth. Let's have some fun!
  13. Karamazov's Avatar
    Human, I'm reading what you're writing. But all I'm seeing is "shipshipshipshipshipshipship."
  14. Froakie's Avatar

    No, no worries! :3 Thanks for the comment. And I can assure you my vendetta for Cilan has kinda... almost... gone now. :3
  15. Hellion's Avatar
    It's no secret I like sarcastic opinionated posts, so I really enjoy reading yours, even when we disagree on stuff. You're cool. :P
  16. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    I disagree with you on a lot of things, especially your feelings about the BW series (especially Iris), but I do admire that you're not afraid to be blunt and speak your mind, even if people might disagree with you. That takes guts, and because of that you have my respect.
  17. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    I honestly didn't really pay much attention to your BW criticism (even though I agree with most of them) as much as I did your love of Paul. Because honestly, Paul's more important XD

    Also, I think Paul is more of a Capricorn than an Aries.
    Juuuuust saying ;P

    EDIT: Really? I'm the first one to mention Paul in here?? I feel like that's a big part of your personality! Am I misled? Am I just too obsessed? X'D
  18. Bubble Frog's Avatar

    I think the constant negativity and adamant demeanor toward BW as a whole you exert is a bit repelling at times, true it's your opinion and I do find myself agreeing at times. But, I'm pretty sure there's something you like about the show or else you wouldn't be watching, or the fact you hate it so much can only mean that there's something about the show that you loved before. I do get annoyed with certain characters in the show at times, but at the same time I'm glad something like that can make me feel annoyed. Makes me feel human, the only way I could feel this annoyed is if something good happened before before with the character or show. So it's sort of a "happy annoyance". I still try to be positive toward the future though and the future aspects of the show. What exactly is it you like about BW? Bar Cilan. And the insults before, but at this point I really think I should let it go XD But, I typically don't give much attention to the BW hate post these days.(Not just yours) Hoping this post doesn't come off as rude :P

    Oh, and I think Travels of the Trifecta is cool beans :P
    Updated 20th March 2012 at 09:30 PM by Bubble Frog
  19. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderPigg

    EDIT: Really? I'm the first one to mention Paul in here?? I feel like that's a big part of your personality! Am I misled? Am I just too obsessed? X'D
    It could be all of the above.
  20. Shinneth's Avatar

    Thank you! :D You're also awesome, being one of the few I could really talk to despite having having vastly different opinions on certain things than I did. You were always a source of relief I could count on!


    The compliment is appreciated, thanks! Don't think I've ever formally met you before, but having strangers like me is cool too~


    You think I'm kind? XD Why, I'm quite flattered and surprised because I always sort of admitted to being an inconsiderate asshole... pfff. I appreciate your concern for my safety a few weeks back!

    @Bouffalant Herdier

    Clever, huh? In my dreams... and probably only on this forum, but it's nice to see some appreciation for my efforts here, since I know you're a loyal reader of my way too wordy posts. :P Gotta give you props for all the Likes, and your posts are a joy to read as well! They help me feel not so alone in my not-so-popular opinions big time.


    ... There are no words. Seriously. No words at all. o_o


    You're always a true bro, I knew I could count on you. :D Still wish I had spoken up sooner about my distaste for BW so maybe you wouldn't be singled out as much, but you're way better than me about keeping cool under pressure because you're a lucky bastard without ovaries so I considered you an example to follow in that right. And yeah, it's nice that we can even have fun discussions when we disagree on things; that's how it ought to be all the time. I say you're more of a pro at opinionated sarcasm than me, still! Which is something I'm envious of, naturally.

    @Insanish Danish

    I don't think we ever really had a conversation, but I have seen posts of yours now and then, and yeah, more often than not I couldn't disagree more with you as well. ^^; But I know nothing's inherently wrong with that, and I too admire anyone who's bold enough to speak their mind at the risk of losing favor with the general public for it. Though I wasn't bold enough to do this at Serebii's forums, but in that scenario I consider that wisely picking and choosing my battles. :P Serebii wouldn't have been worth fighting for my right to complain, since my studies have shown people can get away with user-bashing over fictional characters much more easily over there. Still, at least here it's possible to get along with people who have greatly contrasting beliefs, and at the very least respect those individuals. That said, you've got my unconditional respect as well.


    I think it's all the above and the fact that due to my laziness with my fic (haven't updated since July ;_;) I'm being more notorious for my endless bitching about the BW series rather than my good story-making. Most of the time I talk about Paul here it's when I compare him favorably to someone else rather than talking about him proper... probably because I can't force myself into the Paul topics because I fear my emotions will override my logic and I'll come off sounding like a retard. :P I only feel comfortable fagging over Paul in close quarters with people who fag over him as much as me, such as you. ♥ Let's never stop fagging over him, k?


    Well... my reply to @Tsutarja pretty much answers all your questions there already, so... enjoy that, I guess. I gab too much to be repeating myself. Thanks for liking the fic, though.
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