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Cover your eyes! I'm going to complain!

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by , 7th January 2012 at 03:03 PM (937 Views)
Yeah, I'm gonna bitch about the BW anime that I love to hate. If you're thinking of telling me to stop watching it or calling me a terrible insatiable anime fan, don't. Just don't. I do what I want; I don't need anyone's rude "advice" and if this kind of thing annoys you, just ignore it and go about your day, please. Bitching about bitching is just hypocritical and counter-productive, not to mention a total downer. So just don't do it.

For the record, spoilers don't really bother me. Pokemon anime especially has made a habit out of spoiling captures/evolutions for years now. I seriously think the last surprising capture for the main cast was Ash catching Gligar in DP the same episode Paul caught Gliscor. So needless to say I've gotten used to the anime spoiling things to hell and back with their OPs/EDs, though it's funny because I remember when they put effort into updating the OPs/EDs (usually) whenever the main cast Pokemon evolved or were recruited in most of DP's OPs and EDs. Apparently the animators got tired of being efficient like that.

What miffs me, naturally, is the evolutions/captures themselves. Well, sunglasses Krokorok doens't bug me too much because unlike most BW Pokemon, it actually has an interesting personality that carries over, but why exactly would they have this thing stalk Ash since the third episode, then suddenly disappear (despite it supposed to appear in the shelved Plasma episodes, that still would've been a loooong time ago) for almost a damn year, THEN appear again out of nowhere and finally get captured over 60 episodes in where Ash has a surplus of Pokemon already, and said surplus isn't being handled very well. Maybe it would be better if Ash actually dumped a few of his reserves that don't do anything, but that's obviously not gonna happen.

Anyway, it looks like the BW anime is establishing a new trend/rule. First they decide to shit all over the concept of type logic and make Ash suddenly have an irrational hatred for it, even though that's not consistent with his character from past series. They make sure 90% of the time that if Ash goes with a type advantage, he will lose the battle, which just makes common sense look bad; encouraging Ash to take the retard approach to every battle he takes part in. With all his experience from previous series, this is just... well, out of character, you know?

Second, they show that every rival has a variable to determine whether or not they're a viable threat to Ash's chances in the League. The more boring, bland, forced, and uninteresting the rival is, the bigger threat they are. And that's why Trip is the main rival, while the rivals with the most potential (Bianca and Burgundy imo) are the ones with the most horrendous track records, not even getting the dignity of a single on-screen win in battle. Even Barry had some individual genuine wins under his belt shown now and then; this right here is just unacceptable. Characters like Bianca and Burgundy are loaded with personality, likable and relate-able traits... yet they are seemingly doomed to be nothing more than comic relief punching bags. They are at least trying to adapt Bianca's backstory with her dad, but that too just made Bianca out to be a helplessly incompetent trainer when you know she's capable of so much more than that (I still think she would've fared better if she took Iris' place). Characters like Luke and Stephan are in the so-so area, where they aren't completely dull, but not fully well-handled characters that you want to take an interest in - at least not in-depth. They're the only ones besides Trip who show signs of competence, but in the long run they're just not very important, but at least they're not in a hopeless state of misused comic relief (Stephan's name gag notwithstanding) like poor Bianca and Burgundy are.

And Georgia? She's a wild card. On her own with Iris, she was just a bland jerk, and her first win over Iris wasn't really something to write home about. The rivalry itself isn't very engaging imo, and Georgia just works better with characters that aren't Iris. The Don Battle arc was a rare opportunity for Georgia to shine, but what are the odds that Georgia will get to show up with all those people again before the Unova League? If she does return, it'll likely be her alone, and it'll be the same old blah conflict with Iris, the latter of whom will probably wipe the floor with her now that her Pokemon are virtually problem-free and send poor Georgia down the road to deteriorating credibility that Ursula walked down forcibly before her.

tl;dr: the rivals we're supposed to care about and are considered the biggest challenge for Ash to face are underwhelming and dull, while the cool, well-written rivals seem to be on a downward spiral for no reason, unless they do something to spice up Bianca's story fast.

Now, the new trend that BW has instilled upon us! It's sorta already been in place, but since the new BW ending was shown, it just solidifies this trend and seems to be the crappy logical progress we're stuck with.

To review: the ending spoiled that Cilan's Dwebble will evolve to Crustle. This, I actually don't mind. So let's move on.

The ending also spoiled Ash capturing Krokorok, which is probably the least-offensive spoiler change of Ash's team. It's just that this needless delay in its capture shows how incompetent the writers for BW really are. There was honestly no need to hold it off this long. And with Ash loaded up with too many Pokemon already, there's reasonable cause for concern that Krokorok will fade into the background and never be used much beyond its reappearance... since, y'know, the exact same thing happened to Tranquill, Roggenrola/Boldore, and Swadloon. That brings me to my next point~!

Tranquill and Swadloon, two Pokemon who seriously rarely do shit on the show if they even show up at all are due for their final stages of evolution relatively soon. Neither the bird nor the bug have done jack shit since they evolved, so why are they doing this? A last-ditch effort to make them more than a waste of Ash's Pokeball slots? It just doesn't make sense. Ash hardly uses him, and Boldore falls into the same category here. Prior to the Clay gym battle and the genie 2-parter, Roggenrola has barely been used at all. There's nothing canonly stating it's a significantly powerful Roggenrola or anything. I have a feeling it's going to be shunned after being the fall man for one of the upcoming episodes. Besides that, through my observations, I realized Ash tends to be terrible with tanks and other bulky Pokemon. Snorlax is the only one Ash really knows how to use. Instead of learning how to adapt his strategy to accommodate for the bulk and lack of speed these Pokemon have, he'd rather cheat the system by mitigating the speed issue by forcing them to learn ridiculous moves like Rock Climb for Grotle/Torterra. That's why I oppose Ash getting this Rock-type beast of a Pokemon in the first place. I hate its anus design, I feel no desire to like it, and Ash is just going to misuse the hell out of it anyway. He'll make his tanks glass rockets like the rest of his team and assume that will solve the "problem".

Of the three starters, Tepig stands out the least. Its backstory, what little there is of it, is shamelessly rehashed from Ash's previous Fire-type starters and they do nothing with it. I can't get a grasp of its personality and its track record sucks terribly. For all the training episodes that showed Oshawott and Snivy training intensively (what few training episodes BW gives us, anyway), shouldn't it be time for them to evolve? Snivy was already quite capable as a battler before she met Ash; she should be evolving by now, especially since Trip evolved his Snivy to Servine ages ago and the last thing I want to see is a running theme of Ash determined to win with his weak-ass base form Pokemon against a properly-trained team from a guy much less experienced than Ash. I thought the concept of Oshawott getting more spotlight than it needed was for getting it to evolve and grant Ash his first fully-evolved Water-type starter, which is a concept I like. But if they give Oshawott the full Piplup treatment, that's going to ruin everything. And since this series loves to shamelessly copy Kanto, I wouldn't be surprised if Snivy's too stubborn and proud to evolve (which contradicts her personality because she's pretty serious about becoming stronger - which evolving DOES for you) just like Bulbasaur. And I won't be surprised if Pignite suddenly develops an attitude problem. Sigh.

Point is, Tepig was the starter that needed an evolution the least at this point. We're over halfway through the main journey now, so what are they waiting for? What will this accomplish? And Bianca already has a Pignite of her own, so why throw another one into the mix? It's just like how there was no reason for Kenny to evolve his Prinplup to Empoleon since Barry already covered that appearance long ago.

So the new running trend/unspoken rule of the BW series is: the less you do on-screen and the more boring and uncompelling you are as a Pokemon, odds are you will evolve before anyone else. Because why the fuck not. An evolution isn't going to suddenly make them awesome unless they put real effort into the event (you know they won't). But PLEASE, writers, don't make Oshawott the next Piplup. Ash needs a Samurott like crazy - stop holding out by giving him crap to compensate!

I feel a bit bad for Scraggy, since all this wild shit will probably cut into its screentime and it's the only Pokemon other than Snivy that I actually really enjoy in this series. But that's the nature of the beast.

I'm sure there will be rebuttals about how these trends/unspoken rules are just fan-made fabrications and I'm a loon for saying all this, but shut up. Please shut up. I know a pattern when I see one. We know BW likes to drive their running trends and gags straight into the ground until you can't stand them anymore. Remember the Don Battle; I know what I'm talking about.

Well, no spoilers for Iris' team at least, though that is underwhelming because Axew may as well become a Haxorus at any time if it's already learning moves it shouldn't be learning until it becomes a Haxorus. Keeping Axew accomplishes nothing except more shameless marketing towards the babbys. Not to mention Iris' Pokemon are all pretty much wrapped up. Axew evolving just seems like even less of a hurdle because it's learning attacks that only its final form would normally learn. We know it WANTS to evolve, at least, but I just don't trust the writers to pace this right. I can accept waiting until the end of the series before Iris gets herself a Haxorus (sorta like how May got Blaziken towards the end of AG), but not Fraxure. And her being a Dragon Master just seems so out-of-place when she usually accomplishes shit without her single Dragon-type and otherwise just doesn't participate at all. But it's not like the writers are ever gonna point this out again since Iris is just a hop, skip and a jump away from attaining true enlightenment as a Dragon Master.

I can see where people are coming from with the "oh she's fresh and a nice change from the clueless newbies we had before", but much like how Dawn and Zoey's friendly rivalry looked good on paper but wasn't executed well enough to be interesting, they're really not doing much with Iris' role and most of the time she doesn't come off as much of a team player.

Besides that, this is an ongoing journey anime. Time keeps slipping, into the future. The whole premise of this anime is for kids to go on a journey, learn valuable lessons along the way, and face themselves for their inherent flaws. It's nice to see people other than Ash grow and flourish over time; makes it much easier to get into their characters. Someone who's apparently taken care of all that development and shit years ago before she was even legal to become a trainer is not a compelling character. Unlike Misty, Dawn, and May, their roles were clear in that Misty coached Ash while Ash molded and influenced the minds of May and Dawn with his experience... and despite the occasional spat here and there, they felt like real friends. I don't feel that with Iris; not even a year into the series... that's a bad sign.

For the record, my dislike of Iris (and to a lesser degree Misty... and also the BW anime in general) is a feeling I express solely to speak my mind and defend my justifications for how I feel. I speak for my own behalf and no one else's (unless I'm outright stating that I agree with them), and I am determined to show my disdain for Iris is not some phase of blind rage, there's no Freudian element because the absence of previous female main characters has nothing to do with how I feel about Iris. I've been fine with every cast change that's happened until now (well, partially - I'd love Iris to be out of there, but Cilan and Ash can stay). I'm not out to "brainwash" anybody with propaganda or lies, and I never once felt inclined to attack people who opposed my opinion. I'm not out to fuck with the heads of people I don't know; that's just stupid.

I'm just me, stating my overly-lengthy thoughts whenever I feel it's appropriate to do so.

Some don't seem to be aware of the concept of therapeutic ways of venting. My real life's no picnic, and sometimes I want to explode at somebody to get it off my chest. But that would be bad; I don't like putting real-life people through that. So when I vent here, I feel better and there's no risk (or shoudn't be) to vent to my heart's content. Fictional characters are not real, this entire series is fiction, so ragging on it is completely harmless. I feel a lot better once I've gotten it off my chest.

That's why it bugs me to get people lambasting me simply for speaking my mind bluntly. I'm not out to get anyone here; I just want the comfort of being able to speak my mind without being assailed by a billion subjective rebuttals. I'd really even like to be able to state a certain name in passing without triggering massive rebuttals for a mere side-comment/joke.

Honestly, if anyone wanted to debate with me in a civil manner, I'd be all for it. But all I usually get are slanderous insults and a complaint about my complaining. Because we all know how useful those are. But... dammit, I've got a right to complain. I've got a right to do whatever the hell I want without being whined at for how horribly "negative" I am.

But that's life. Negativity is everywhere. You either roll with it or ignore it; not attempt to take it down completely. That's what fan clubs are for; pure positiveness and nothing but love-love-love. If that's not enough, learn to take the negativity in stride and focus on what you want to say rather than focus on sabotaging someone else that you may not like.

This isn't directed to anyone in particular because I've had too many people to count attacking me to varying degrees. I tried being funny with my last blog post, which I suspect nobody read in full, and opted to bitch at me instead. Just... negative comments, everywhere, and comments of people telling me what to do. I don't appreciate that.

This dragged out longer than I wanted it to be, but I sincerely want a fun time when I do my silly complaining. I've been portrayed as being way more serious than I actually am; that's not cool. I just want some fun with roasting the series for once, y'know?

Man, I hope I don't get in trouble for this. I've got no intention of starting shit; I just really felt the need to speak my mind. I hope that's understood...?

The moral of the story is that the BW series is still terrible. But terrible enough for me to watch like a trainwreck, and there are a few rare, odd things that prevent me from completely hating the series.

That's how I roll.

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  1. Shinneth's Avatar
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    @TheMysteryno. It's not so much bitching as it is venting because I've been harassed by people bitching at me for bitching on my own time, so I think I'm well within my rights to say "hey, these guys are being hypocritical and petty over a minor issue, I wish they would stop and leave me alone and let me vent my feelings in peace".

    I don't think that's unreasonable.
  2. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    I never said it was unreasonable.
  3. Shinneth's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijzelffan
    Axew learns Outrage at level 56, if that is what you meant with "Haxorus's moves".
    Except Axew is a baby and not even remotely representative of a level 56 Axew. Piplup learned Hydro Pump which normally it doesn't learn until it's fully evolved, but can learn it when it's at a high level. Piplup didn't learn Hydro Pump until near the end of DP, where it was established that it could have evolved to Prinplup if it wanted to, and had battled several times in many different ways before learning the move. That is a scenario where I can believe Dawn's Piplup is representative of a level 43 Piplup. Axew is nowhere near that level of battling competence, so it makes absolutely no sense for it to learn that move out of nowhere.

    Some people like it that way (gotta catch 'em all!), just because you don't doesn't make it bad. It just makes it something you don't like.
    Thanks for telling me something I already know. If other people like how BW's being handled, then that's fine. More power to them. I just happen to think it's irredeemable shit, and I should be allowed to say that without having to add in the "I'm not trying to pass my opinion off as a fact and you're free to believe what you want to believe" every single time, because after a certain point it should be obvious that I'm not trying to force my opinion on other people. So I have no idea why you're telling me this.
  4. Shinneth's Avatar
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    @Serperior I don't see why I should have to censor my honest sentiments just because some people might take it the wrong way. I make my statements extremely clear and avoid any mention of any specific people. I have a blunt and brutally honest way of expressing my opinions, but that's just who I am. I'm not going to change myself for the sake of being "politically correct" about opinions on a cartoon. I still can't see how in the world the Dream World theory could possibly offend anyone, and if it does, I'd say chances are the problem lies with that person and not me. I do what I can to keep real-life people out of my tangents, and that's all I'm going to do. Because getting upset/offended because paranoia causes someone to think they're being personally slighted when there's no evidence of that being the case at all is something I shouldn't have to take liability for. I make my statements fairly easy to interpret, so I'm not taking fault for anyone who completely misreads my intended messages.

    Really, if people aren't sure about my nature, uh... there are plenty of ways to get to know me. Browsing through my posts, VMs, other personal sites... I mean, if I wasn't sure about someone like that, I'd be doing some research before coming to any conclusions. I honestly have talked this subject enough in the past, and I still think it's unreasonable to put up a caveat every single time I make a negative post. I don't go after people who disagree with me, I don't nitpick at anyone, and I don't encourage fights. That should be more than enough to show that I'm not being personal towards anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serperior
    IMHO, most of the reasons why most people dislike BW could be chalked up to:
    "What ever happened to just enjoying the cartoon?" - Bulbagarden Forums
    Uh huh. Believe me, I've TRIED to just enjoy the cartoon. I was just fine enjoying it for the other series besides Johto. BW is so un-enjoyable for me that I feel the need to rant. And there's nothing wrong with that. Really, there isn't.
  5. Shinneth's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi-san
    That's why I don't complain about it...on the forums.

    I'm just pointing out why people complain. It's partially from what I said before and partially of wanting to say something of the matter/stopping it so they can be noticed in that forum since their good praises are often ignored.
    I don't really understand what you're getting at, because from what I've seen praise for the various aspects of BW don't go ignored at all. And, er, no offense, but that sounds like a petty reason for wanting the negativity to stop completely. How about just... um, trying harder to stand out? It's not like I'm even trying to stand out; I just speak my mind and that's all. Honestly, I don't like the attention I get because it's mostly negative and it's no fun having to go through being personally slighted and slandered just because someone merely disagrees.

    And personally I rather have discussion with people with different viewpoints(without condemning them) than having a squeefest about the same thing over and over(one reason I stopped posting in the Pokeshipping thread...but that's another story for another time). It's how forums works. Well to me anyway...
    So you don't want a place that's 100% positive, but don't want the other extreme either. Well, the forum itself does have both the positive and negative sentiments. It's just being extremely stereotyped in my opinion. If you want a balance, the forum is the closest you're gonna get to that. So, um... just take the bad with the good in stride and don't let it affect you so much? I mean, no place is perfect. And really, given how many times I've been personally attacked by people solely because they hate that I have a different opinion over a cartoon with fictional characters, I don't really feel inclined to be sympathetic for anyone who just hates the "negativity". Negativity is nothing compared to being personally bashed on a regular basis. Negativity is a blessing by comparison.
  6. Pandantic's Avatar
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    you say that people were bitchy to you on your last post. I read the comments and I don''t think there was one note of bitchiness. A couple of people gave a simple answer and others calmly gave their opinions. Theres one thing I see which was just simply truthful and not directed to you, but to everyone:

    You anime fans are fucking unpleasable.

    and happened to be on your blog post. That could have gone to anyone who posted about their opinions of the anime, therefore its not mean. I think if anyone was mean on that post it was you, simply an overreaction. I mean really, saying don't watch the anime is not telling you what to do. And thats immature if you think it is. I just think your being very unreasonable to people. I haven't read through the comments on this post, simply because most of them are long ones. To a certain extent I agree with you on this topic, but respect other people's opinions especially when none of them disrespected yours.
  7. Trainer Yusuf's Avatar
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    I really wish I cared about your posts in your livejournal back when it was active. I kinda wish I could read your rants on other shows like Evangelion or whatnot. :V. OH YOU ACTUALLY DID BEFORE THIS POST I LOVE YOU FOREVER.
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