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  1. Love and Other Nightmares Review (Chapter Two)

    Moving from multi-award winning journey fic to a new one, let's go.

    Love and Other Nightmares by @diamondpearl876

    Synopsis: Limited time, limited abilities. Kyurem tells her that she can be cured... but only if she saves those she can. (Author's)

    In a nutshell: An ill girl is given a second chance at life to go on a journey. Ideas are better than writing.

    So, the last three reviews were of stories way longer ...

    Updated 9th November 2014 at 12:25 AM by Rediamond

    Fan Fic Reviews
  2. Mega Rings and Heart Songs

    Ash and Brock will already have Mega Rings--Ash from his trip to Kalos, and Brock from an unseen trip to Kalos.

    Their Heart Songs:

    Ash: Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... (first seven seconds)
    Brock: Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... (first seven seconds)

    May 's Heart Song will be Karuto, iichiida shou... (:02-:09)

    Updated 20th November 2014 at 06:26 PM by LightningTopaz

    Ideas , Through Sapphire Skies
  3. ranking the 8 ace attorney big bads*SPOILERS FOR DUAL DESTINIES AND AAI2 TRANSLATION*

    by , 8th November 2014 at 08:48 PM (the diary of your average nintendo-sony fanboy)
    I'm ranking the main villains of each and every ace attorney game (minus layton vs wright, as it stays true to layton form and makes certain there is no true big bad by the end of the game)
    8. matt engarde
    while debatable as a big bad, he certainly lacks the evilness of the other ace attorney main villains, so yeah.
    7. quercus alba
    not as intimidating in the english version as in the japanese version
    6. manfred von karma
    a perfect record indeed, as a RUTHLESS ...
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  4. Top 5 DLC Characters for Super Smash Bros

    I know I'm late on this, but since MEWTWO WAS FREAKING REVEAL last week so, let's count down my most wanted dlc characters, NOTE! This list will be very INSANE.

    #5 :Mii Mage, Spear, and Dual wielding sword Vocations.
    To be honest I didn't really want the Mii's in Smash then i made one, Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh I like them now. But what are my chances of getting these. BUT I WANT FRACKING DUAL-WIELD SWORDS IN SMASH!!!!!!

    #4 :Korgoro & Mii- Project X ...
  5. Bro's leaving soon

    In a couple weeks, my younger brother is moving out to live in an apartment along with his childhood friend. The move was going to be after Thanksgiving break, but it was moved up. On top of that, he got himself a janitorial job a couple weeks ago.

    He's planning on taking most of his stuff with him, so his room will likely have another purpose soon. He was going through his stuff today for anything that can be discarded. You will not believe what was found:

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