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Rogue the Cat

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Seeing the little bunnies around our yard was a cute spectacle as I mentioned in my other blog post, but I was nearly unprepared for the news that a friend of my sister’s was dropping a tiny nearly newborn kitten at our front door.

For about a week, we already had family over from Texas staying over with their Beagle. My own little kitten was stressed enough dealing with our new guests and their dog. Adding another animal to the house was downright near agonizing to him. I really felt bad for him, but my sister’s friend was going to be gone for the week and she had no one else to turn to, so we agreed to take the cat in.

The cat she gave us was hardly a month old. Sure, this is a fairly early age for a kitten to be treated by humans, but from what we discovered, they had no choice. See, they have strictly outdoor cats that roam their land and they leave food and other nourishments for them. One of these cats had a litter and almost soon afterwards they noticed that the mother cat was leaving one if it’s kittens behind. She was the runt of the litter, a reject and likely never to receive attention from her mom again. That was the one we were asked to care for. In the mother’s absence, they kept a close eye on it, giving it goat’s milk and making sure it was properly fed. However, they already had plans to go somewhere while this was happening and asked us to help care for the little kitten.

Well, I wanted to help. From the moment I cast my eyes on her I was amazed at how nimble she was for her size, able to climb stairs twice as big as she was. She was also fully comfortable with humans. She could be easily surrounded by several people and all she did was stand politely and quietly bask in our glaring awes. Well, it was hard not to coo at her, she was so fweaking adorabules. Her body was really not more than the size of an apple. She was tenacious and strong willed, and just wanted to be with companions. I decided on the name ‘Rogue’ since in a sense, she struck off on her own to find a companionship she wasn’t getting through her kin. She’s not shy, and she’s willing to set her own path, exploring where ever she feels.

Rogue really impressed me. My sister agreed to take care of her in her room and I basically gave her all the things my cat hardly used. I even made a cute little litterbox out of cardboard and Rogue, probably used to going nearly anywhere in the out doors, took to using it almost immediately (only making one or two mistakes). Since Rogue is so tiny and we had so many people in the house, there was no need to let her wander so we just kept her in her room. To my shock, my sister left Rogue on the floor, yet somehow she managed to climb on top of her bed which sits about two feet off the ground. The only way she could have done that was to climb a vertically inclined bed sheet for three feet to account for the mattress before finally reaching the top. Wow. I would have loved to see her do that. Sure you think any cat can climb, but considering she’s a month and that because she’s a runt, she’s physically developing slower than a cat the same age she is leaving her way smaller and much less developed, you’d be floored too.

And then there was my cat, Aramis. I’ve had my little guy for nearly a year now. It takes him a while to get used to new people. In the weeks leading up to my graduation party, we’ve had so many visitors and guests that he was spazing out so bad, he wouldn’t come out from under my bed until everyone was asleep. His food went nearly untouched for a week. I felt so bad for him. And then Rogue came. This was it for him. When he first got that whiff of her, he tensed. When he saw her, he approached to get a better scent. He bolted back and let out a maddening hiss. He growled with such a ferocity I’d never heard before. I didn’t want to make him jealous, so that’s why I left my sister to take chief care over Rogue. Even with minimal interaction around Rogue, he seemed to hate having her around. Thankfully, she was locked behind my sisters room and he’s never in their usually. Still, he wasn’t happy. I don’t know if it was the accumulation of stress from all the visitors, Rogue or both, but even worse, he laid a big fat juicy ‘I hate you’ on my bed. That had been the first time he took a dump outside his litterbox, although the message was quite clear; it wasn’t a mistake. I really didn’t know what else to do other than spend as much time as I could with him. Thankfully after our party and after our visitors were nearing the end of their stay, he was finally warming up to them, even their dog. This was shocking considering we had even more visitors over staying along side those visitors from the Philippines. Oh, and my 8 year old cousin spent the night at our house for 2 nights while they were all here. Yeah, we were running a full-fledged hotel at that point. Even I was feeling the burden of having so many people in one space. Our house had never been so crowded. But I digress. Aramis was getting over having everyone around, but he was still having trouble warming up to Rogue. I really didn’t know what to say.

I wasn’t around when my sister gave little Rogue back. I was out in New England during that time, but from what I understand, the transaction didn’t go as smoothly as my sister had hoped. We wanted to give it back to her friend, but unfortunately her friend wasn’t able to care full time for the kitten right now either. My sister has rather severe allergies around cats. Yeah, I should have mentioned that. However, living for nearly a year with my cat, she’s gotten over the worst reactions, but living with one from night to night was beginning to strain her allergies. She couldn’t care for her much longer and unfortunately, my cat was having nothing to do with little Rogue. My sister said he was only slightly acknowledging her presence, but he still hissed at her every now and then. There was no way we could keep her.

So, with much regret, my sister took her down to our local shelter, and there she lamented and cried over how she had to give her up just like that. It was painful to hear, but from what I’ve heard, little Rogue is doing fine so far. I just wish we could have done more, but it’s a shame since I heard from so many friend’s interested in her (yet they weren’t definitive on the matter.) I know someone here said something about paying every dime they had for her, lol. That’s quite above what I would expect we would totally give her away for free, but we were hoping she would be in a place with full service care.

Still, it was fun to be around her, if only for a weeks time. Fostering is fun, but can be emotionally trying and heartbreaking when you have to let go.

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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    So which cat is which in those pictures?
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    What an unfortunate situation to be in. At the very least she is being well cared for in her new (temporary?) home.


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