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The Scratching Post

Moving Along

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by , 13th June 2011 at 06:53 PM (317 Views)
Last time on the Scratching Post:

Rayne was interviewing for a job. Things happened and stuff went boom! I got banished to the moon! Then I got better. Well the actuality is that the original job I held went over well and I actually finished it two weeks ago. I never got the job I interviewed for but fortunately I did get a very similar one working much closer to home so I hopped ships and now I'm playing with trains. :P

But if you're wondering where I've been there have been other factors at bay keeping me from coming online. For one the substitute computer I've been using is slowly dying on me. I can hardly run Firefox for a minute without the thing crashing or even worse, bluescreening. It was never meant to replace my old laptop, just act as a stand-in until I got something better, but curse my patience, I struggle to put up with that thing though I realize it's really just wasting my time now. Well I think I've put it off way too long and with the job I had I can finally afford something more souped up to my needs. I'm planning to build my next PC from scratch so I know all the parts are dependable because apparently I really need that extra horsepower. OMG I just had a brilliant idea to make a PC, Mac and Linux pony XD.

To compound matters, last week I came down with a severe illness so I couldn't really get out to use a computer or anything nor did I want to contaminate anyone. Instead I tried to spend the effort focusing on my new job though I hope I didn't put anyone off with my sickly first impressions. >>

I'm much better now and the job is flowing smoothly, but either way I've taken this as a impromptu time off from the internet. In essence I may be offline for another week or so until I get my new rig setup and hopefully I can enjoy surfing the garden in peace again and get back to those mafia games. ^^

In the meantime, I know you guys will have fun welcoming our new Overlords Fun and Games, Outside the Box and War Room mods with open arms since they're all familiar faces that many of you are already friends with. We'll definitely make this a fun summer, can't wait to see you guys again. ;3

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    All right, well I guess see ya when you come back Rayne, have a good time.


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