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  1. Tales of Wonder and Intrigue

    It’s been a while since I’ve been around here, keeping busy with doodads and kicknacks and sounding like a 60 year old hipster. Ok, not so much that last part, but I’ve been in and out this past month and much more noticeably this past year.

    It’s quite a bit of stuff so I’ll break it down into different topics if you’re interested.

    -Renovation Work


    -Rogue the cat

    -New England

    -A new Era of my life, Graduation and Job Hunting
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  2. Rogue the Cat

    Seeing the little bunnies around our yard was a cute spectacle as I mentioned in my other blog post, but I was nearly unprepared for the news that a friend of my sister’s was dropping a tiny nearly newborn kitten at our front door.

    For about a week, we already had family over from Texas staying over with their Beagle. My own little kitten was stressed enough dealing with our new guests and their dog. Adding ...
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  3. Bunnies!

    Back in June I was out helping water our garden when I caught sight of a fuzzy little puff ball in the grass. For a moment there It thought the tiny little puff might have been a piece of lint that got blown towards are yard, but it was too big to be just a mere ball of laundered lint. To my surprise it galloped a bit when I got near it, but stopped short of fully fleeing.

    BUNNY! Well it was a rather ...

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