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A salute to what we experience daily. It's full frontal and always in motion.

  1. When it Raynes it Pours

    Like many people looking for a job, I've been stuck in a rut pouncing from one prospect to the next for almost a year now.

    I graduated not too long ago, last May specifically, but the story was always the same no matter where I looked, I'm either not experienced enough, money ran dry or I'm just SOL.

    So I decided to settle with a smaller job in the meantime. I applied to do some Student level work at my university about a month ago and started work yesterday. ...
    Situations , Life
  2. A Leaf in the Mail

    It's undeniable the Eeveelutions are quite adorable, ...
  3. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - You now have barely more than 296MB. Good Job.

    Quasi-related. My hard drive? only 60GB with only 52GB available off a workable partition.

    I've managed to always get close to quota, but how I do so without bricking is beyond me. I've worked off 1GB of free space for the better part of last year and this is how Windows congratulates me. (of course all new stuff gets handled via an external that's 5x larger than what I have, but details, details.)

    Updated 20th October 2010 at 09:14 PM by Rayne

    Son of a Glitch , Life
  4. Tales of Wonder and Intrigue

    It’s been a while since I’ve been around here, keeping busy with doodads and kicknacks and sounding like a 60 year old hipster. Ok, not so much that last part, but I’ve been in and out this past month and much more noticeably this past year.

    It’s quite a bit of stuff so I’ll break it down into different topics if you’re interested.

    -Renovation Work


    -Rogue the cat

    -New England

    -A new Era of my life, Graduation and Job Hunting
    Cat , Animals , Situations , Travel , Life
  5. A new Era of my life, Graduation and Job Hunting

    So in May I finally graduated with a BS degree in Civil Engineering and a Minor in GIS (the minor implies I can play with maps real good and all special like). Even better still, I found out I passed the FE exam that all engineers are required to take in order to earn their full professional license in June.

    I can hardly believe I’ve already made it this far. For so long, everything, certain subjects, the curriculum, the schooling seemed like it would drag on forever. But ...
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