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  1. War, Peace and Reward

    Before Bulbagarden needed a bunker to shield us from the chaos of the rest of the site, there was Fun and Games. It was a quaint little village surrounded by pedantic one liners and amusingly mild games. It was a good break from the chaotic action of the Bulbaverse. But then I noticed another breed of game, one that was fairly more rigid around the edges.

    These.. didn't belong in Fun and Games, or did they? Are these roleplaying games? I asked myself.

    No, not quite. ...
  2. Ponies

    Do you like ponies?

    No not those ponies.

    The annoying rainbow colored ones that everyone loves to hate.

    Oh Dash... no don't... don't look at me like that :(

    Okay, well the ponies that some people don't like ...
  3. Moving Along

    Last time on the Scratching Post:

    Rayne was interviewing for a job. Things happened and stuff went boom! I got banished to the moon! Then I got better. Well the actuality is that the original job I held went over well and I actually finished it two weeks ago. I never got the job I interviewed for but fortunately I did get a very similar one working much closer to home so I hopped ships and now I'm playing with trains. :P

    But if you're wondering where I've been there ...
  4. I'm a Curious Cat. What's on your mind? [Ask me anything]

    I'd like to satisfy your curiosities, even if it kills me. Ask away! ;3
  5. What Lovely Weather

    I'll admit, I tended to be a paranoid little weather nerd as a kid. I hated thunderstorms and the possibilities of Tornadoes with a passion.

    Over time, I grew more appreciative of nature's fury, to the point I actually welcomed the sight of the next big storm.

    Through all this I was deeply connected with meteorology and tracking weather events; simply put I loved weather.

    Well Mr. Munroe. You've done it yet again. You've exploited a childhood dream ...

    Updated 10th December 2010 at 01:34 PM by Rayne

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