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Gamefreak are running out ideas.

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You know what I think is one of the coolest things about pokemon? When, long after a 'mon is revealed, you can be going about your everyday life and stumble across something that suddenly makes you think '...ohh, THAT'S where they got the idea from!'

I was browsing google not too long ago, looking for reference images of obscure animal species in order to do some character design work. I came across this one picture of a lanky black monkey called the Francois Langur, which is otherwise known as the leaf monkey. It's a cool looking primate to be sure, characterised with big sideburns and a tuft of hair not unlike a pompadour.
Freaking SIMISAGE.

I just thought it was the culmination of a cool play on words, but lo and behold, it's based on an actual real-world animal.

So, let's summarise Simisage/Yanakkie's origins

1.) It's probably based on a leaf monkey, hence it's typing and hairstyle.
2.) It's appearence also harkens to bosozku/greasers ie. a deliquent youth. Apparantly in 70's japan, a slang word for these dudes in 70's was Yanki/Yankee
3.) The japanese word for a willow tree is Yanagi.
4.) It's name also mixies in the english 'monkey'.


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  1. Meow Wow's Avatar
    I can't tell if this is a positive blog or a negative one.
  2. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    Very clever!
  3. winstein's Avatar
    The title of the blog reminds me of one time when your avatar was an Oshawott-lookalike and the usertitle was "running out of ideas!".

    Ah, now I see how Simisage is a genius of wordplay!

    thanks for reading.


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