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Evil Raichu

WTF? The results of my jorb interview.

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by , 25th May 2009 at 03:12 PM (293 Views)
My job interview is over. o3o

It went really well. Or at least, I think so. I'm just surprised.

I spent all day preparing answers to questions I thought they might ask, and rehearsing what I would say since I woke up this morning. And I got all dressed up pretty and everything, and I got there early.

They were done interviewing me in like...10 minutes. O_o

Here are a list of my worries:
1. The woman who called me for the interview was not even there, and hadn't told anyone I was coming. Nor did she answer her phone when they called her. So, I got interviewed very informally by the night shift manager (who seems really freaking cool, btw).
2. It was over so fast! I was expecting, like, 100 questions. I got like, 10.
3. I thought they would tell me at the end of the interview whether I got the job or not. They didn't, and instead told me I should be receiving a phone call soon.

Am I overreacting and overanalyzing this like I do everything else, or do I really have something to be worried about? Are all job interviews supposed to be that short? And do they not tell you at the end whether you got the job?

*goes off to worry to death*

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  1. Legacy's Avatar
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    I've had a ton of interviews lately and in this damn economy none of them have worked out yet. It IS kinda dicey that the woman wasn't there and didn't tell anyone...but I wouldn't worry about them not telling you right away about whether or not u got it...they probably have at least a few other applicants, and they will make a decision after they've met with everyone!

    But don't worry, the only thing you can control is how you handle yourself in the interview, and that parts don't kill yourself worrying! I'm sure u did great! :)
  2. Halberd Bravo's Avatar
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    I've never known people to say things like, "Congratulations, Evil Raichu! You're hired!" unless it's a TV show. Since job placements usually have multiple candidates, they need to consider who is the most suitable for the job before they let potential employees know whether they're hired or not.

    Also, most interviews don't consist of dozens of questions. They only want to know the key aspects of your attitude and why you think you're right for the job, and they let the resume do the rest.

    As for the person who was supposed to interview you not showing up or notifying anyone else that they were going to interview you, that could be for a perfectly harmless reason. What if they were ill, and didn't need to notify everyone of your interview?

    Yeah, I think you just need to stay confident. You never know, you could be getting a call from them before much longer with some good news. :D

    Best of luck!


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