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Evil Raichu

I am...so happy.

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I'm just so glad that I got this dog.

This summer would have just been so depressing otherwise. I mean, I'm living alone and pretty much broke, but no matter how bad it gets, Toby somehow makes me smile. When I take him out he forces me to come out of my shell because people who would not normally talk to me, come up and ask about Toby and we have conversations. I'm getting in really good shape for the first time since high school because he insists we go for that walk every day.

And I love Fudge, too. I'm not replacing the dog I already had with a puppy. When I tried to bring her to live with me, she made it clear that she has bonded to my father (and I can't blame her. I've been at college for four years and only see her once a month. It's not her fault.)

I have friends, and a fiance, and great family, but my life was just getting so depressing and I still somehow felt alone in all of it. I was missing something, and Toby fixed that. :) Now...I'm just happy!

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  1. Yoshi-san's Avatar
  2. Steven's Avatar
    You are understandably happy! <3
  3. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    That dog just made me melt. <3


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