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Evil Raichu

Black & White & Puppies

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You know what? I'm picking the water otter thing as my starter because I feel sorry for it. Everyone is making fun of it and saying its ugly and no one wants it. I bet it looks dumb, and they know that so they'll make it the best of the three.

Unrelated to pokemon, I just graduated college. Yay me. I'm getting a dachshund puppy sometime soon as a graduation gift. :) :) :) I tried to take my corgi up to live with me in the mountains, and it's just impossible. She was unhappy. I know she loves me, but she just misses my dad too much and I guess in retrospect it was cruel to take her away from the place she's lived for nine years. It sort of turned her world around. So, I'll leave her here with my dad. :(

But yay new puppy. Pics as soon as we get him. Edit: The breeder emailed me a pic. Here he is! We are actually going to get him tomorrow!

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