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My head is going to EXPLODE.

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by , 31st August 2010 at 07:13 PM (390 Views)
First day of the new school year this year. And I have to say, this was the most stressful one I've ever had.

To start things off, we ended up adopting a new schedule this year, which would allow us nine clas periods. We were informed of this last year, and were told that lunch wouldn't count as one of those nine periods.

Turns out they changed that last minute. So, I ended up getting my art class yanked off the schedule. They didn't give any prior notice, and didn't inform us of any conflicts. Especially an ass pull since my mom ALREADY PAID THE FEES FOR THE CLASS, and they're refusing to give her back her money.

In addition, some classes are only half-semester classes. Health and a study hall are half-semester classes, and I was signed up for both. When I turned in my class registration form, I had explicitly written down on the form that I needed Study Hall first semester, as it would be difficult to keep up with work while marching band's going on. And guess what? They completely ignored that and scheduled me for Health first semester.

Pretty much everyone was having problems like this. I kid you not, there were kids lined up in front of the guidance counselors' office all day.

Our school is also unique in that all students recieve laptops. Whichever laptop you get your freshman (or sixth grade) year is the one you keep until you graduate. Let it be known that mine is an evil, conniving wretch. It was like that last year. It would randomly delete important files, not work with the school printer on random occasions, sometimes block my online school textbooks for "sex and pornography" (...)... And today I experienced something that gives me PROOF that my laptop is possessed by an evil demon (that likely enjoys kicking puppies and stealing money from orphans for fun).

When I got my laptop back today (the school collected them at the end of last year for safekeeping over the summer), it wouldn't turn on. So I took it to the tech center to have them look at it. By the time I got there, first period had already started. Regardless, they decided to take a look at it. One of them suspects a problem with the battery, so he takes it out to examine it. I kid you not, it (the laptop battery) spontaneously explodes. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but everyone was baffled. I just looked at the guy and went, "HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN." He just buried his head in his hands and replied, "I... don't even know..."

On the bright side, I don't have to pay for a replacement battery, since I wasn't the one that broke it. My friend Casey now suspects Mr. Kania (the guy in charge of tech) is trying to kill us. However, even after I got my battery replaced, the computer refused to let me log on, even though I knew my password. I even brought last year's agenda, where I had written down my password. So ten minutes later, I was back at tech, where they had to reset my password..

In addition, I cannot access my locker due to a defective lock that won't open despite me entering the correct combination.

Yeah, I'm definitely starting sophmore year off on the right foot.

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