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HOLY SHIT. Just, Holy shit... O_o

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by , 11th June 2010 at 07:34 PM (325 Views)
Well, let's start things off. On Monday, I had my French and English exams, second-to-last day of school. I breezed French, and then after lunch was English... But what's this? My teacher is absent? I could tell because the curtains were open, and they're always closed since she's allergic to the sun. We ended up not having our exam that day.

Since she was one of my favorite teachers, I wanted to say goodbye to her before the summer started. I actually do this for all of my teachers, whether I like them or not. I think there's only ever been two teachers I've disliked- my 6th grade Science and Reading teachers. Anywho, the next day... She's still not there. How perplexing.

Then, the next day, my dad calls me from his workplace to tell me something. One of the teachers at my school had been arrested for having an affair with a student, and even admitted to it. A student saw the two kissing in the classroom Friday afternoon. But Dad didn't know who, so I looked it up.. Lo and behold, my English teacher!

Y'know one of those situations that you always hear about, but never think you'll ever actually experience close to home? This was one of those situations.

It was very shocking, to put it mildly. She was a very nice woman, and very dedicated to her job. She was one of those teachers that actually knew how to teach and was good at it. She loved her job. In addition, she was a fun teacher and really hilarious as well. Our senses of humor were practically the same- dark with a large dose of random. Even kids that absolutely hated reading looked forward to her class. In short... The formula for one of the most awesome teachers ever.

This just goes to show: You never know what people are going to do, and you never know what's going through their heads. It's especially mindblowing because she seemed like an intelligent enough individual not to do STUPID SHIT LIKE THIS.

Coincidentally, earlier this year some other random teacher was fired for showing her students Playboy. Like I said, stupid shit.


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