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A place where I write about the happenings of life.

  1. Jesus Christ, I haven't been here in forever.

    Yep. Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

    I think I found a new home around the end of March- the TV Tropes Forums. I've been a troper for over a year, but I just stumbled across the forum one day, discovered the Writer's Block subforum and the Character Development Threads, and I never left. I'm more active over there than I've ever been over here.

    'The people over there made me fall in love with writing again. I learned how to write a narrative. Before, I wrote in script ...
  2. I really gotta stop doing that.

    Whenever I end up in a bad situation- usually when I have a bad teacher -I don't realize just how awful my situation was until after I'm out of it. I think it's a defense mechanism of some sort.

    It happened with my sixth and eighth-grade math teacher, and it just happened again with my Honors English I teacher, Mrs. Smith.

    I had a bunch of senior friends who had her for Honors English IV, and they absolutely loved her. They'd talk about her as though she was God. ...
  3. Not band camp, but still band-related

    Alright. Just last night was my second game. I used to think that our uniforms were weird, but when you look at other schools' marching uniforms, I'm beginning to feel thankful that we just need to wear a fedora with a plume instead of a traditional marching band hat. Oh, and the field commanders' uniforms are badass. They're black. And according to my mom, they do some sort of salute to the audience, which is badass too.

    Last night's game was Pirates versus Randomtown [/placeholder ...

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  4. Band camp (part two)

    Well, no that I'm back from my vacation, it's time for part two. The accomodation.

    Well, everyone sleeps in a cabin with anywhere from five to ten roommates. The cabins are like little shacks, there's dead bugs everywhere, and they're filthy. And they're out in a wooded area, which is VERY hazardous to walk around in if you aren't paying attention or if it's night. I think I tripped about twelve times out there between the two nights and three days I was there.

    There's ...
  5. Band camp - Worse than hell (part one)

    Well, I just got back from band camp. It's mandatory for everyone in marching band/orchestra. And it sucks. Seriously.

    There's no air conditioning, the food sucks, it's hot, the cabins are filthy, and you have to march for three hours a day in the heat and play full band in the worst room I've ever been in.

    And my mom heard of a snack bar there, but when I got there, there wasn't one. I asked this girl who was a junior and she said that there was never a snack bar. ...
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