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Pokewake author's note translation

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by , 7th July 2011 at 05:37 PM (471 Views)
I was looking at [i]Akari and Pikachu's Birthday[/i] and got the idea in my head that I should translate the author's note regarding the chapter. I don't really have anywhere else to stick this, so I might as well use my bulbablog for something.


The first thing to note is that Himeno seems to like talking like an old man. Perhaps he has issues with his age?

Now for a literal translation:

[quote]One mustn't judge people or Pokemon solely by their outward appearances the way Akari does. I would like to have an open mind and kind emotions that can perceive the true nature [of things] without being mislead by appearances. ...I think about this daily, but it's a bit... difficult [to achieve]...[/quote]

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