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  1. A few macros and comics

    In response to a bunch of people I've seen privileging it up in The Soap Box and other places.





  2. Regarding the signature rule

    I'd like to show all of you something. It is a screencap of my browser window, and so it is pretty big -- it's attached to this entry, so click on that to see. My resolution isn't all that small -- 1366x768 pixels. Not the biggest out there, but it's nice and comfy and it works for me, and it's a fair sight better than the 800x600 I grew up with.

    You'll notice the browser is maximized. Now, from the bottom of the tabs toolbar to the top of the progress toolbar, that's 542 pixels. ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails browser.png  
  3. 私は

  4. oh god internets

    [URL="http://dynamitepretty.livejournal.com"]How[/url] [url="http://almonds_girl.livejournal.com"]much[/URL] of a [URL="http://onnanoko_tte.livejournal.com"]huge[/URL] [url="http://masculine.dreamwidth.org"]freaking[/url] [URL="http://explosions.dreamwidth.org"]dork[/URL] do I seriously have to be to RP Pokemon characters on LJ and Dreamwidth? WTF is wrong with me?

    Note to self: Finish coloring Akari's icons. And also Nunnally's, aaaaa. ...
  5. wtf

    What the fuck is even the fucking point of the fucking Sacred Ash if you can't fucking use it in a fucking battle

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