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  1. Derpa derp

    I love how it's always straight people who say that being gay is a choice.
  2. Questions answered

    [quote=SaturnYoshi]Do you like me?[/quote]
    I guess so. You're okay.

    [quote=Blazaking EX]Why'd you change your username from Ketsuban?[/quote]
    I got tired of that name, since I'd had it for years. I felt like something different.

    [quote=♫Green♫]How long have you been a moderator?[/quote]
    Um... a long time, I think? I can't really remember. I want to say since 2003.

    [quote=Iteru]What annoys you the most on here?[/quote]
    People ...
  3. Ask me questions

    Because it's a meme, or something.

    Ask me anything, and I'll answer in a new blog post (like, tomorrow or something), regardless of the topic. ...well, mostly. PROBABLY. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I wouldn't answer, but I want to give myself some leeway. :x

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    [url=http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2010/06/29/doctor-treating-pregnant-women-with-experimental-drug-to-prevent-lesbianism]I AM DONE WITH THE WORLD[/url]
  5. Regarding a certain user's avatar

    Okay, as some of us know, Nekusagi's avatar was just changed to a radioactive blue bunny rabbit. This was my fault. I didn't do it out of any malice or ill will, but my reasons for doing it require a little backstory.

    We mods have a little something called the Mod Control Panel, or Mod CP. We can use it to search for users and threads and ban people and stuff like that. We can't edit their profiles or anything, though. So, it's a little hobby of mine to go trolling through the Mod ...

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