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Agent Gryphon

This is so not true

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by , 30th October 2013 at 09:54 PM (241 Views)
Okay, so I had a sort of heated discussion with my cousin/roommate, I don't know how we got to this conversation but he seems to think no matter what you are eating, you need a plate for everything. I am not talking about muffins and sausage rolls, I am talking about...

A bite sized MILKY WAY, or a single TIM TAM! I mean these are so small it doesn't even matter, he claims everyone puts even these on plates unless they are outside (So not true, I have seen countless people do this). Okay maybe a cinnamon donut is reasonable (Glazed not really), so tell me Bulbagarden (Since apparently it's dumb to ask on FB, I am blogging it).

Does everyone really use plates for every single food item including chocolates? (I should note here, I do the dishes... Which means I am washing up stuff that won't even required in the first place)
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  1. GastonGibus's Avatar
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    With candy, I consider the wrapper the plate. xD

    If it's candy or comes in a wrapper, I usually don't use a plate unless it makes a lot of crumbs, because crumbs in the carpet are no fun. So no, I don't use plates for everything. Depending on the type of food I might not use anything at all and hardly make a mess, I'll just wash my hands afterwards.
  2. Life's Avatar
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    Not only do I think it's stupid to use a plate for a bite sized snack, I think it's wasteful. I only use plates when I am eating something that's going to take me more than 5+ish bites. Otherwise no; I think it's unnecessary to use plates.
  3. Snugglefox's Avatar
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    No, why would I need a plate for chocolate?
    Maybe a Tim Tam might make a few crumbs but I heard of this invention that creates a vacuum to suck up small things in the carpet (crumbs dust etc) through a tube and into a paper bag.
    I suggest your roommate invests in one of these magical wonders, if I recall its called a vacuum cleaner.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
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    I know! Finally I enter a realm of sanity! I knew people don't eat chocolates with freaking plates, I mean it's like seriously! He does have OCD but really, a Milky Way doesn't even leave crumbs (And when I said even that, he said ESPECIALLY MILKY WAY O.O).

    Snuggle- Ironically he is in charge of vacuuming, (Despite saying he does a lot more around here.. His two jobs, mop and vaccum, I don't see happening very often at all), and he even complained about vacuuming the crumbs up (On what? Most of the living room/kitchen is hardwood floor).

    Later he did say he was part serious, part joking and part stressed (Because he got up, I was only mucking around, but he had to take it the wrong way). Even if he was joking... It's funny, if I went crazy like he did, he would yell at me saying it was a joke. Double standards all around here.
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