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Agent Gryphon

So, I have another crush

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by , 3rd November 2012 at 05:57 PM (317 Views)
Or well, actually the same one I mentioned in a previous blog, if you remember I called her Pokemon Girl (Because she liked Pokemon and such, still plays the game, she's not a Christian though but she is coming to our church).

She's also the one mentioned in the blog that said "I think I am too evolved for society", you know the one I apparently made uncomfortable (But it has never been seen to be, I think she's kinda gotten over it though, or I am hoping she has and just forgotten about whatever made her uncomfortable)..

So yeah, last night she came with her friend, and my church friend because we were going to another friend's games night, it was pretty fun (This said friend, the one who hosted the games night, she was mentioned as a girl I kinda like but don't think it could work out. Keep this in mind, incase I am ever wrong and she ends up being the girl I was searching for XD LOL, and you can be like.. Yeah remember that time?).

Anyways it was a good night, so our friend (Who is a guy, the one who's friends with my crush first), takes me home first but we took a detour into Brisbane City, and this was like 11pm at night haha. We drove around and then looked at the cathedrals that were around (And I just realized why the area around it, was called Cathedral Square XD).

It was fun (I am getting to the point btw), and it was just interesting walking around, by the time we left it was 1am haha, I got in late and I didn't even go to a nightclub XD.

But anyways, last night made me realize I still like her, and I don't think she's that uncomfortable anymore, either she doesn't care or doesn't want it to be a bother (Since I am still on her facebook, she still answers etc, she could have done anything since she knew my friend was picking me up, but she didn't so she must be fine now).

Although it makes me wonder, if my friend likes her too. I dunno, it's just I am pretty sure this is one of his first non Christian friends, he has been trying to get to come to church (Not forcefully, just seeing if she might want to), and they do get along great, which kinda puts me in a blinder. You know how they say the nice guy always finish last? Yeah, I am that guy, and I think I am a good friend with him as well, which kinda makes it worse because I am most likely to step aside and let him ask her out.

Maybe they are just good friends, but if he does like her, I wonder if he would care if I one day asked her out (He has a better chance though, due to the fact they are closer friends, I am going to wait until I know her much better before asking her out).

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