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Agent Gryphon

Smokers really annoy me lately

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I am not sure why, but smokers have really started getting on my nerves lately, well it's not so much the smokers, but the disgusting stick they are smoking from.

I think it's also the fact smokers just.. well smoke, it doesn't matter if you are sitting next to them, Like today, I was at a party with my family, and my brother, instead of you know going elsewhere, lights up a smoke right there, and so does the guy my mother's dating. And I cover my mouth, you know to help prevent breathing in the smoke. Now, I know some people will say then why don't you move. Why should I be the one to move? I am not the one sucking on a Death stick that can also make others sick, and it wasn't just me, my 3 year old niece was there (My brother's daughter) and my 1 and a half year old nephew was there later, pretty sure you aren't supposed to smoke around children, and people wonder why they are smoking early.

Once, I was tolerance of it, I wouldn't even glance, but now even if they aren't anywhere near me, I have this intolerance of it, I hate it when people are smoking, maybe it's the secondhand stuff that I am worried about. And if someone's smoking near me, I cover my mouth.

Not that I can escape it, it's freaking everywhere. You think the church I go to wouldn't have so many smokers, wrong the guy who took me to an Easterfest (A Christian music festival( smoked in the car, but the smoke went out the window (This guy abandoned me later in Toowoomba, 2 hours from where I am btw)..

And no matter what, cigarette butts lying on the ground, people constantly smoking, I can't go to places I like without having to be near a bunch of smokers, I could move away but in some instance you kinda need to be near people. And for stuff like the party, (Hardly a party though) why should I be the one who has to move and miss out on the social interactions?

I don't know. 15 years ago it wouldn't bother me, now I just hate it, maybe it is the secondhand stuff, I dunno. Sorry if I offended any smokers on here, but this is just how I feel.

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  1. Water Max's Avatar
    My brother is 18 years old and he smokes a pipe instead of cigarettes which means he doesn't need to put it in a bin but I still really don't want to be near him when he does smoke. In my country (the UK) smoking is illegal in all public buildings. Is it illegal in all public buildings in your country?
  2. Green Zubat's Avatar
    I used to think like this too when I was younger. You just have to learn to deal with it. There's really not much you can do about it except wait for laws & the general public to become more anti-smoking; covering your mouth does more to annoy other people than it does to protect your health, IMO.
  3. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    I have the same issue as you, being the only one in my family who doesn't smoke. It annoys me to no tomorrow.

    It is also illegal to smoke in public places here in Denmark, by the way.
  4. Setra's Avatar
    Smoking doesn't bother me much. I mean, it's their lives they're throwing away. But I'm never really around smokers. My dad used to smoke, but when I was born my mom said that he either had to quit smoking or leave.
  5. Crysta Blade's Avatar
    I know, right? And they get so aggressive if you even so much as hint at not being 100% fine with it. In my case, I have a respiratory issue which makes it hard to breathe and it gets worse around smoke or dust, and yet I'm a bad person for asking that people not make feel like I'm suffocating? Uh, what? Who's the one causing harm to other people, again? Especially when they do it right in front of no smoking signs.
  6. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I also hate smoking, I hate the smell.
  7. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    I know, it's weird it used not bother me so much, but now it just does. Most of the time when people are smoking, it's at someone's house, so I can't really tell them not to smoke. I get it, they have the right to slowly kill themselves and such, fine go ahead and do it. But they could do me the courtesy of doing it further away from people, this isn't a small area, it's usually enough space for people going away.

    Huh, so they get angry if I cover my mouth up, yet we can't get annoyed at smoking, wow that's kinda messed up, it should work both ways.


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