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RIP Robin

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I know there will be many blogs about this, but I wanted to post a different sort of piece. First, I liked Robin Williams in nearly every movie he was in, considering he's pretty much one of the actors I remember so fondly as a child (Along with Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Arnold and well many more). It is quite a tragic death, and I am pondering on it as suicide is always something I wish I could stop, to help those lingering on those memories, and I hope one day it will be stopped somehow.

But, what I am blogging is more, I know people will soon be posting everywhere how everyone cares more about Robin Williams is dead then the nation of Iraq or another news story, about a cop killing someone? (I just heard about that when someone was talking about it. They stated how a cop killed a black kid and Robin got more news. First off, I like to point out if this had been a white guy, then nothing would have been said, so can we please not devalue one death over another, while knowing if it was the other way around, it wouldn't be mentioned.

I feel like whenever someone does this, we are devaluing one death over another, telling someone how they should feel.

Why am I affected more by Robin's death then what is happening over in Gaza? (Which I am pretty saddened by that, but I avoid that news, mostly I think it's fear of war, and seeing such tragedy).
Simple, I have seen Robin Williams movies since I was a child, I always watched nearly anything he was in.
It's a face I remember, and I think when it comes to tragedy, it's not about whether they are rich or white or whatever. It's because people have seen that face already, someone who has made you laugh, smile or cry. So it's harder for people, I am sure if we saw any victims of Gaza everyday, for years it would be so much more grief, anger, hurt.

I am also moved by suicide, it's something I have seen everyday, I have lost an online friend to it, I have almost lost two cousins to suicide, I have seen friends who still show pain after suicide... There are moments I have seen that void, I have written a character who killed herself, and the effects still last years to go. And then when I see a famous person, even a legend kill themselves, it makes me pause, makes me wonder why someone like that would kill themselves. That not everyone is immortal, even legends, death has made me look at actors such as Arnold or Tom Baker, Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford, Will Smith and Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy and Anthony Stewart Head, and all I think, is how long do they have?

So my point is, can we please not devalue anyone's death, every death that has happened, is a tragic end. Nothing is good about it, but we as humans, cling onto what's familiar, we cry for the people we have always known, not the people we have never met. No one is trying to say this person is more important, no one is thinking this is more tragic. (Which I know if someone was, they would be considered a bad person, but that is just being a hypocrite if you are doing exactly the same thing). I know these posts are going to come up, I have already seen one, and it annoys me that it is used as a guilt point, to make someone feel guilty because someone they have always watched, dies and they meant to feel guilty for being upset about it.

I know this is a dangerous post, as I am not sure if I made myself clear here. Or whether everyone will read the full post. Not one death should be devalued, people do die everyday, but with the famous actors, everyone knows them, everyone grieves them, just as you would if your family member died, if your friend killed themselves or was murdered, but everyone else who had no idea who this person was, don't know how to react to it.

I will grieve for all those deaths, for the kid who was killed by a cop, but all people that were murdered or killed. I will grieve for those in Gaza, for any innocents in Israel, for anyone.. Anywhere.

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  1. Hauntales's Avatar
    I literally just heard about this 10 minutes ago. It seems to hit me the same way the suicide of a boy at my school did. He seemed happy whenever I saw him, but I didn't know him.
    I bet if people saw me, but didn't know who I was, they could say I might be depressed, just because of the look on my face. But when you don't know someone, you can never be sure. When you see the persona they put on for you, maybe it appears to be their real self. I might be rambling on, but I absolutely agree with you. I also wonder not just how long they have, but how long I have to live. By the time I die, will I have had a positive affect on the world around me? I believe this is a question we should ask ourselves every morning.


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