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Agent Gryphon

Relationship change on Facebook

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No, not mine, never mine. This is actually about that relationship change thing on Facebook, where everyone on your facebook can see it. Now what I am about to post, is probably going to make me look bad, but please don't think I am a terrible person, I am happy for these people.

So today, actually just after waking up and getting on my computer, I saw a friend's relationship change on Facebook, who is in a relationship with a girl I liked (I actually asked her two weeks out before he did, actually I even figured it out when she said she liked someone, it was a bit too obvious on both ends once I thought about it, so I do find it cute, and I am happy for them, I will say that). but I am still moving on from that, because I really, really did like her. So, not something I cared to actually see on Facebook (I really hope they don't get married in six months, I say this because I know two others who had just met, and then six months later got married, then again these two have known each other for long as I have known the girl too)

I thought Facebook had done away with this, that they turned off the got into a relationship (Engaged and Married was still there), and they got rid of end of relationship, or did they just do this for end of relationship? Very odd in a way if they did.

I can't obviously post this on Facebook since I will either hurt or piss them off, and I don't want them to feel like that, I still consider them friends, especially the girl (I know her better then the guy, but he's helped me with some stuff, ironically also with a past relationship with him, I figured out he also liked that girl before he had asked her out...). So I guess I am just saying, I wish Facebook would hide the whole In a relationship stuff. No one really wants to see that in their face soon as they wake up.

I would deactivate my Facebook, but it seems it has become too essential and mandatory to even try (I have been thinking about deactivating for a while actually), see I got my church's Young adult leadership team, so I need updates from that, apparently if I want my shift change on the same church's cafe I volunteer I have, it has to be done on the FB group, then there's my small group, and Boost the name of my church's nighttime service. And any events that happen, I think it's official, Facebook is mandatory and no one texts, calls or sends invitations anymore.

Well, I am done for blogging, I hope I am not hated for this post. Please understand I do like and accept both of my friends, I am happy for them, it's just a bit of a annoyance to wake up too, it's like we know you are in a relationship, no need for it to be told on Facebook. I know some people get angry when they think a guy feels "entitled" to a girl liking him or whatever, but this is not what it's about. Just thought I make this clear. (The reasons for me wanting to deactivate, are actually results of other things). I just need a place to blog for a moment.

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  1. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    You're taking this very well. I'm impressed at how maturely you're handling it. No one likes getting beaten to the punch, especially over someone they like, but considering that element is in play, you are showing that you're able to roll with it, even if you don't like it. Yeah, I don't think stuff like that should be allowed on such places, as it can cause a conflict or other problems. I feel that Facebook is just a magnet for that kind of stuff, so I never bother with it myself. But it's good to see how mature you're being over this little conundrum.
  2. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Thanks, I wasn't sure how I sounded with that post, although I asked her out two weeks before he did, so technically I beat him to the punch, and lost? lol I am not sure how that phrase goes. But yeah, when she told me she liked someone, I was upset but I knew I had two choices, get upset in front of her or go with it, I chose the second and teased her a little about who she liked (You know, the way friends teased each other about it, mostly because I had a feeling it was him even before I knew she liked him).

    True about Facebook, I think it's getting ridiculous these days, actually now you mentioned it, and the fact I think Break ups are hidden, perhaps they are just a magnet for that.
  3. Slim Shady's Avatar
    I agree with CynthiaLover about your maturity with the whole thing, I am impressed too on how well you can handle something like that since I do know from first hand experience how hard stuff like that can be sometimes.

    I know that you can make it private (I think its the default option) if you end a relationship with someone on there, I don't even know if you can make that show up anymore really. But I do wish that the relationship thing was private too, it always attracts way too much attention and seems to always make some people feel bad when they suddenly see something like that. Also I know that some people just use it to shove it in everyone's face too which is kind of a jerky thing to do in some cases.
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Thanks, with me and asking girls out, the rejection will hurt, I will be upset about it for a while, but I prefer to be friends with them, then to have awkward exchanges with them, and I have known the girl for two years I think? The guy about 4 years maybe (But I didn't get to know him well enough as I did with my female friend, just what happened I guess, plus he has a twin, so I kept confusing him with his brother, always felt embarrassed that I may have insulted him by that, I didn't but still. Now he's married, so I figure if his wife is here, then it's obvious haha).. I have done it since I asked second girl out around when I was 13 (There was a time before that.. But uh I am not too sure that was even real). Only one time did the girl end up not wanting anything to do with me, but the rest are just fine with it, and even don't mind talking about it (Actually any girls I have asked out before going to the church, I don't interact with anymore but for a different thing, but the ones in church seem the most understanding.. I guess I do ask the right girls out in a way lol).

    But yeah, it's weird since it's been a month since they started dating (I think) and everyone knew, I guess some just feel like announcing it on Facebook. It's fine but then the comments start piling up, and it's like okay, let's move on. Well, my hope is that he treats her right, that is all. (And I think he will, he is a good guy, he's helped me move a couple months back, and helped clean after my birthday party)
  5. Lyrebird's Avatar
    You can't speak for everyone when you say no one does like it function. I like the relationship status thing. I find them useful in many ways.

    It also helps to drive freaks away that send you messages, very creepy ones that are funny yet creepy. So it does help to get rid of those creepies. They see that you are in a relationship and bam no more freakies that send you messages saying that you are pretty (which is true) and that they want to you me (so ewww)

    So yeah I find it useful and FB is a great tool even though it has several flaws.
  6. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Hm that is also true, I guess I never get any sort of messages like that (Well, I am a guy, not sure if any guys actually get messages like that). Well I wish there was something to turn it off. Although how do you keep those guys away who don't pay attention or care that you are in a relationship? You never know, there are guys like that :S,


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