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Agent Gryphon


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by , 4th December 2013 at 06:15 PM (140 Views)
So it's my friend's/roommate's birthday and I wanted to make them Chocolate chip Pancakes, however I thought I was going out so I only set some ingredients on the kitchen bench and left a nice note before I had to leave (She came down before I did, so she liked it). I left to do some things but turned out my plans were cancelled, so I headed back home.

Now I came in and the two roommates were leaving soon, just tying some balloons because it's her mother's birthday too, so I suggested making them the pancakes, they said they couldn't (Really, couldn't wait ten minutes? Your mother isn't going anywhere, and you had 15 or so hours to spend time with her, and I think they planned to go earlier then they were going to anyways). I even tried suggesting when to make them for them and they were like Dunno.

Really? Someone offers to make you pancakes for your birthday, and you don't even have the courtesy to set a date for it, they could have even waited ten minutes for me to make them! I dunno, when my plan was cancelled I kinda got excited to make pancakes, so I rushed a little to get home, so it was a little hurtful they couldn't even suggest when to do it, especially since said birthday girl had earlier said she liked it (Called it adorable... That was a bit weird but there was some balloons on the bench as well). Okay she had a cold as well, but I dunno, why couldn't they have just waited for a bit so I cook them.

With my cousin and third roommate's 21st birthday this year, I made him pancakes, he set a time to get up early (Because we had to leave for his birthday, going to his mother's) and ate them. Alright he knew I was doing that a few weeks ago, I just got the idea to do with this roommate last night, so maybe it's poor planning.

Am I overreacting though? I mean they are good, and it's not like they haven't ever done nice things for me, I had made them all bacon and eggs before which they ate, so maybe I shouldn't overreact, I guess they did have more things on their mind whether they should set a date or not. And it's not like I had done the same thing, I didn't have to leave until 8:10, my roommate was up at like 6:30, I could have made them earlier (However I did ask her if she wanted me to do it now, but she said she wasn't feeling too good, she had the cold for the last few days, or the flu).

What you think? Should I be venting for nothing and not be hurt by something small... It's not like I even made the pancakes yet, and the ingredients were still there (If I had made the pancakes and they left without having one, that would have pissed me off).

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  1. kyogre545's Avatar
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    Hmm I guess I would've been annoyed at them too. But like you said, at least you didn't make them yet. Now I kind of want chocolate chip pancakes... XD
  2. Shiny Metagross's Avatar
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    I would also be disappointed by that. Chocolate chip pancakes are totally worth 10 minutes, and my friends have never acknowledged my birthday. I totally would have stayed for that.
  3. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
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    Yeah that was the other thing, everytime I thought about it, I wanted chocolate chip pancakes haha, but I guess to be fair, we didn't have any eggs either, so that might have been an factor in it. They could have aleast made some sort of idea, but they might do it tomorrow (Depends how the birthday girl feels, since she's still sick, at her party the night before she looked like she would pass out, and wasn't because she only had one beer).


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