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Agent Gryphon

My past... is a complete bore!

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Hi, first hey yes I am back but I am sort of between, like I am kinda bored of WoW atm but not really getting into RPs again just yet, but just blogging because I got some thoughts.

I was thinking of writing a new story, that maybe I will publish one day based on my journey into becoming a Christian, and all the friends, worries etc I met along the way, something that would inspire those who are lost, broken, looking for something great., looking for God and even inspire other Christians, so I was thinking I could base it kinda on my life, but no self inserts.. So I kept thinking what led me to my past, then I begun to think about my Christian friends.

Three of them I already know have much darker and more interesting pasts then me (Only one I actually know information about, one is hinted at and the other clearly has some sort of dark history), and probably more that led them to Christianity. What led me? A friend took me to the church.

Before church? I was a goody shoes. I never drunk, smoked, had sex, did hardly anything rebellious or bad, I was a teacher's pet in primary school, and that only slightly changed in high school, never did drugs or did anything that usually gets people turning to God, nothing to inspire someone (And at the time create an interesting story that someone would want to read).

The only things that were interesting enough from high school was some fight I had with a friend, ended up being crushed by a girl I liked who ended up as a bitch, and well I dunno, I feel like if I made a story, I probably have to create an different character with an actual inspiring story, or grab information about my friends past, and I am not sure how many of them are willing to give me that permission.

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