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Agent Gryphon

Missed the finale (WARNING: Bashing of Reality shows here)

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by , 8th December 2013 at 06:26 PM (279 Views)
Of Neighbours, an Australian TV show here and it looked like it was decent, why did I miss it? Well I went out for dinner, but that's not the reason.

Let's back up, I was going to record Neighbors, but there was another show that my roommates are recording some crap called Catfish on Foxtel, something to do with internet dating and catching whether that person's profile is real or not. Foxtel had said I couldn't record it, when I pointed this out to my roommate, she said she was still recording it IT WASN"T! I even made sure, and she spoke to me in a cranky voice (She does get really grumpy, to be honest while she can be nice, she is a bitch, I didn't even speak in a rude voice, so there was no reason for her to talk like that).. So I just went with it, like I always do.

But today I settled down to watch it, and it isn't there. So either two things, my roommate watched it and deleted it, or it never got recorded because of the extremely ridiculous show, why the hell is that crap even a show! Here's what I don't get about reality shows.

Catfish- It's basically two guys and a cameraman who goes to people who are internet dating, they look at the profile of the person they are dating and suss them out whether they are real or not. What is the point! Utter crap!

Big Brother- A mysterious man watches a bunch of people muck around, you know what we call that in real life? Pervert, and jailtime. That's not a reality show, it's a felony.

All the Chefs show- Maybe there's a reason for it, but does there have to be like ten of them! If you want to be a chef, go do it without going on TV

Singing competitions- Seriously? Go on TV and get insulted about your singing? Who the hell would want to do that, go find an agent and do it the normal way, if it's meant to be and you have the voice, it will happen.

The Amazing Race- I don't know too much about it, but it doesn't seem like it's needed.

Biggest Loser- To be honest, I see a bunch of people who just want to be on TV, I doubt most of these people actually even keep their weight off.

Wife Swap- It's just a bunch of people sitting around and screaming at each other, while the kids bail their eyes out, if a family is happy the way they are, there's really no point in having some stranger come in and change it. And how is it a new wife? They don't have sex, dates, kissing, holding hands etc, they just have the dysfunctional of a family.

Every other reality shows or shows similar to the above- Fine have your own channel, but you seriously need to take every single airtime out of all shows, really! You know what I remember as a kid, when shows like Home and Away and Neighbours were on a break, watching reruns of Sabrina, Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcolm in the Middle.
You know what I used to settle down to watch on Saturday afternoons and nights? Monk, Hercules, Xena. Charmed used to have repeats, Buffy used to have repeats, there was always a show on repeat that you loved, and if you didn't get to see the first few seasons, you could watch it again (Charmed was hell because it took forever before the first few seasons, that I missed to come out on DVDs, so I had no idea who Prue really was, or how Cole and Leo came to be).

Now every single channel is infested with reality shows, Sundays and Saturdays are difficult, every Supernatural show that was ever on Ten/Eleven got postphoned constantly because of reality shows (Supernatural, Charmed, Medium, even Torchwood despite it being Sci-fi). By god even shows like Grey's Anatomy is pushed to ten clock because of Beauty and the Geeks (What's the point of that show? People who will most likely never see each other again), I don't like waiting until ten to watch a show, when there's nothing on.

Rant over, I just had to vent on here, it really does piss me off when a reality show of some kind takes over my shows (Should I mention, because my roommate watched Big Brother, I had to record Doctor Who at midnight just because of that rather then watching it at 7:30.. That was before I realized I had ABC2 on my TV, but still, episodes missed because Foxtel stuffed up or deleted it before I could watch it). Sam,e with H&A, and this is when my TV was having problems so I couldn't watch it (Do not get me started on Tennis from last year >.>)

Edit: I probably should note, I am overreacting but it's better to vent on a blog, then create a bunch of problems in real life because of it. Apparently one of my roommates accidentally deleted it without realizing it, still sucks (And the reality shows part, still do not understand the point of them)

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  1. Snugglefox's Avatar
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    The Amazing Race is the only decent one there, I don't watch it but in each episode they do challenges in based on the country they are in so you get a taste of different cultures.

    As for other reality shows and the people who watch them, I am not amused and as a catfishing victim I think your roommates are sick.
  2. White Yoshi's Avatar
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    The only reality shows I watch are Total Drama and Drawn Together but they don't really count since they are cartoons.

    I agree that many reality shows are pointless and people just want to go on TV.


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