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Agent Gryphon

Don't you hate it when

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When the girl you have a crush on, and asked out a week out who then rejected you, and you don't see her for a week, arrives and she seems to look even more beautiful then she usually does?

If that doesn't make sense here. The girl I have liked for over a year, I asked out last Sunday at Maccas (After church, it's one of the things we do after church) said no to dating. It wasn't that bad of a rejection though, we had a conversation for like 10mins afterwards so it wasn't awkward, but anyways we had an Young Adult church social event today, and when she came. I don't know how but I swear she looked even more prettier then she did in the previous weeks, perhaps it was the black shirt and jeans, and the way her hair was up, I don't know. But trying to move on, and it's hard when you see she somehow looks nicer.

Two friends from my church have now given me the thought, perhaps there really isn't a someone for everyone, I don't know. Maybe I really don't have a someone out there, it explains all those people who died old and unmarried, forever alone and a virgin. Perhaps I should just accept that.

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  1. Synthesis's Avatar
    All those people that have died alone or a virgin really aren't that many, and a lot of the time then it's by choice or an unwillingness to change. I'm sure you'll find someone eventually.
  2. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Maybe, but it does seem like I will be alone for all of my life, and that perhaps my friends are right about everyone not able to find someone. I do wish I knew why my crush said no, she just said she wasn't interested in me like that (So it is something to do with me, if it were her she would say something like I am not ready or I want to focus on myself right now or something else dealing with her).
  3. mariowie's Avatar
    Wow that's negative I have that thought sometimes that I will be alone forever. But I am getting
    more and more conficed that if you try that you will find someone.

    Well good luck.
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    It's just hard to think you will, when you had nothing but rejections. Only once was it almost a yes and then the girl said no (By the way lesson, girls do not say yes and then say no two minutes later, that is just good way to crush someone, I know she didn't mean to be mean but it can be pretty bad()


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