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Agent Gryphon

Day of the Daleks

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by , 27th December 2013 at 11:31 PM (195 Views)
So, I decided to start giving classic Doctor Who a try, because I am curious how the previous doctors were like, even if I don't like black and white movies/shows, I am still curious. I have watched a couple of Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee episodes so far, with one Peter Davidson and the movie McGann was in (I have already seen the 11th, 10th and 9th doctors).

It's just one thing that always on my mind, I have seen a few clips of the first three Doctors (Including renting Day of the Daleks at my video store) and I don't know if anyone ever feels like this, but it just seems so weird watching the three Doctors on the screen, considering they are all deceased, always happened with every actor/celebrity.. Well actually any photo, video, audio etc of any dead person anywhere in the world, especially if it's been more then five years and even longer. So it feels weird watching it, and I don't want to like the Doctors because what's the point? You will never meet them or see them on TV again, but it can't be helped (I am liking the Third Doctor, I just like the way he dresses, even if it looks weird haha, actually it's why I like the Fourth Doctor, for pulling off a scarf).
Does anyone ever feel like that? At the same time I want to update myself on the Doctor Who series, so I can see the origins of the Daleks, Cyberman, the Master etc. (I have seen all 12 Regeneration, and the way the 3rd is laid about, looks more eerie then the other two, basically because the 1st is just a two second clip, and the third is lying on the ground, when his companion closes his eyes).

I know this blog sounds almost morbid, it's just so weird seeing them on TV and hard to not think they are dead.

On a side note, I was looking at the lost episodes of Doctor Who, and the fact most of the episodes missing are from Patrick Troughton's era is kinda sad, if the last ones ever went missing it would be lost in the sands of time, and he would soon be forgotten. Just think of the technology then and now, now people like the actor who died from Fast and Furious (Ironically forgot his name sorry) or Heath Ledger all have a hundred ways and be extremely hard to end up forgotten, back then I imagine the clips and maybe some photos would be all that is left of the actor.

Yeah, I get weird when I am thinking about death. Okay blog over before I start getting more weird.

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  1. DasManiac's Avatar
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    I love Pertwee's Doctor. One of the few Doctors that had genuine character development. The First Doctor came to love humanity and enjoy traveling with humans. The Third Doctor found himself enjoying his time on Earth working with Unit, and the Eighth Doctor had a rejuvenated interest in traveling the universe but ultimately cut short. I definitely agree it's a bit tough watching the first Three Doctors knowing they're all dead and knowing that two of Pertwee's companions are dead.
  2. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
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    Wouldn't the first and second Doctor's companion be likely dead as well? Or are they still alive? (I keep forgetting it's only been 50 years, so chances are not everyone in their runs would be dead, the only reason the first three are even dead because they were much older when they had started, actually Troughton only looks about 45ish but he wouldn't have been alive this long). I originally thought Jo was a dead companion when watching Day of the Daleks, then realize she was only like 20 in that era and appears again in Sarah Jane Smith's stories (That's one of the companions I am aware of that have passed on).

    But yeah, I am glad someone else knows what it can be like, actually I imagine it's the same for everyone, I told some people Andy Hallet (Who played Lorne on Angel) passed away a few years back, and they said they didn't want to know that, (So that makes Angel a bit tough to watch, considering you got Glenn Quinn as Doyle and Andy Hallet as Lorne both deceased, tell you watching Buffy if Anthony Stewart Head/Giles passes on is going to be tough. love his character and the actor).


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