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Agent Gryphon

Is anyone else bothered by this?

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Hey all, so lately I have been noticing a serious trend (Okay I have noticed it years ago, but seems like it's more common) among TV shows and their characters and whether their fans like them or not.

Is it me or when a character isn't hot enough, people tend to hate them and act all like it's an crime for them not to be hot? Like How I met your Mother (Spoilers coming up, kinda)

And Big Bang Theory- With Bernadette and Amy becoming main stars on the show, I have heard many people commenting how ridiculous it was for them to be main stars.. Just because neither were hot (Although Amy is cute and Bernadette is adorable in my opinion). How it's wrong for Howard to marry her and acting like it's all a big deal just because they aren't hot as Penny.

What's the point of this? Why do the characters in any shows have to be all hot and beautiful just to marry someone? If anything it's more realistic for Ted, Howard and "Sheldon" to date someone who looks above average. Why does it need to cause a such outrage for it? If you want to stare at beautiful go people, go watch the OC or One Tree Hill.

Maybe people just want to live through these characters, so for Howard to settle for someone like Bernadette (Does Sheldon even count in this), and pretend it's them, or hope that they can catch someone beautiful, and think that if they settle for less, then it's a crime if they don't end up with a super hot model. But the sort of backlash that comes out of actresses like the ones who play Bernadette and Amy just doesn't seem right, for years I have seen the media pretty much out anyone who doesn't have a slim belly (Amber Benson and another actress, Kate Ritchie were told to lose weight if they wanted more shows, neither did which I admire) and it doesn't help the general population makes it hard for these actors to actually get a foothold on the acting world.

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    How it's wrong for Howard to marry her and acting like it's all a big deal just because they aren't hot as Penny.
    None of the guys there are as hot as Penny either so....

    Maybe its just some sad basement dwellers who wish to vicariously live through the lives of TV nerds they identify with and it bothers them that "they" don't get to have a relationship with Penny.
  2. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Yeah I think so too, it's just sad that actresses like the ones who play Amy and Berndatte are overlooked just because of their looks, it shouldn't be about what they look like, but how they act (Which in my opinion, both are funny). And yeah it is the same for guys, willing to bet if it was the other way around, and Howard/Raj just came on the show (Making Bernadette and Amy there for a while) it would be the same complaining.

    It might also explain why it seems some people don't want Raj to have.. well anyone, I remember reading a review on one of the S6 episodes and some seemed upset at the idea Raj had a girlfriend, okay I identify with him the most, never had a "girlfriend" (Despite I have literally had no romance of any kind, he has) and knows exactly how it feels, but why is it a big deal if the writers don't make him lonely and sad, and actually have him be happy.
  3. Life's Avatar
    Funny how you mentioned my two favorite shows, eve funnier though because I found all those women to be quite attractive. I find though that in the modern day, and especially with the younger crowd, people only want to see 'attractive' people on their t.v. while television is solely about acting and not looks.

    It's actually quite sad.
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Same, agree with it all, I don't see how Amy and Bernadette are classed as unattractive, people like Penny even stated how lucky Howard was to be with her, she found it hard to believe they were even together.


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