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Agent Gryphon

About that election

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While I understand the importance of it, I don't completely understand why the rest of the world was very concerned about the election in America, I have seen people posting on FB who they want to win or yelling Obama won etc, but it's not like our vote would even count.

Okay yes, America is a big country and one of the leading ones (It is isn't it?), and I admit I was interested in seeing who would win, and thought Obama should (Solely on the fact he was for gay marriage rights).

Ten bucks these people who cared about who won the American Election, don't give a crap who their voted for in their own country. Yeah one of my pet peeves is the fact people just vote randomly, they don't care who they vote for, like in the last Australian election (The one for Campbell and Anna Bind) my mother said (And the guy she's seeing....) she just ticked a ballot, didn't care who won, and so did some others....

Really? Seriously? Do these people not care about who runs their own country? Okay this wasn't a big one, wasn't for Prime Minister but still. And I admit, I didn't get to vote in the other ones and didn't seem to care, but this year I seemed to developed a small interest who wins in an election.

Personally I can't wait for an election to vote for a new prime minister, I didn't actually do any research on anything for the one before (Before the last election), and I like to know who I am voting for. I wish more people would actually make sure they want to vote for this candidate, people this is how the world gets taken over and becomes hell. Do they not watch TV or movies? The reason bad guys who have taken over the world or country do it so easily, is because people just randomly do it.

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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    I think it might have to do with how almost the entire world rests on the US' shoulders for one reason or another. Then again, that may just be me. I'm also turning old enough to vote next year in Australia.
  2. Mitsuru's Avatar
    That sounds like a terrible generalization there. To say that someone is concerned about what goes on in another country doesn't mean they don't care about what goes on in their country.

    I care about what happens in Mexico, especially with EPN getting in office. I also care about those people who were recently attacked by a homophobic group in Russia. Doesn't stop me from being concerned about what goes on in the US.

    Obama being in office means a lot of things to foreign countries.
    Arguably, it may mean a more stable international economic environment, but it also deals with diplomatic issues as well. America's relationships with foreign nations prior to Obama's term weren't very stable, but he has helped mend the relationships. Even something like that can affect the world economy.

    On a different level, there are people who care about social issues. Those who think that other people should be able to have the same privileges that they do. Socially, America's behind in comparison. Obama's helped to bring a little more progressive attitude towards things; namely with that incident in North Carolina.

    So, I'd say to not blame the issues on misplaced enthusiasm.
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Mitsuru; the economy generally has a way of fluctuating without the president doing anything about it. Presidents just like taking credit for when it goes well, or blaming opponents for when it goes wrong.

  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Oh no, I wasn't saying that, I was just adding to the fact some people just vote for whoever and don't really pay attention who they were voting for, I think some might work into that though, but I didn't mean it in that way sorry.

    You do have a point, I did care a little about who won the election, only because I was curious.
  5. Mako's Avatar
    The President represents America, more or less, to the world at large. As such, an American Presidential election is an issue of international importance.
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    I live in India, and we all know that India-Us relations, the balance of power in Asia, what happens in Iran would be decided by these elections. So it received extensive coverage here.


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