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by , 7th December 2009 at 04:50 PM (352 Views)
So, for the first time in just over 10 years, I bought Pokemon cards. Because I obviously hate having money.

The last thing I ever knew about TCG was uhh... the base set and Jungle set. Now I feel like an old person who can't adapt to new technology or something, because I have no idea what's going on and what I've missed in those 10 years!

I never knew how to actually play the game, and still don't. I'd like to at least look into it, but I don't know anyone who plays. o_O

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  1. Raine Caulwell's Avatar
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    I know what that's like. Umm... has an interactive how to play guide that explains how to go about playing in a step by step fashion.

    As to having people to play with, no clue. If you're really interested, find a league near you, or figure out how to use Pokebeach's RedShark.
  2. dukeburger's Avatar
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    Okay, thanks for the tips!
  3. NyaChan's Avatar
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    Wait, didn't the TCG come out in the US only 10 years ago...? So how could it be over 10 years? xD

    But I know how it feels, I'm doing the same thing now. Pretty much lurking some forums and stuff since I'm trying (keyword there) to go competitive, since it looks to me like something I'd enjoy.

    The go-pokemon (Pokémon Organized Play/POP) site is a good idea to look through. The rules really haven't changed much from what I recall (and I was certified by my TRU league to be able to teach others at the age of, like 9, so I pretty much remember the old rules), just gotta understand the stuff like Poke Powers and Poke Bodies (Much more prevalent now, I know they were in a few older cards), as well as Level X (Though this might fade out to Prime soonish).

    If you've bought a theme deck, there's the little manual that gives a basic idea of everything, which is pretty decent at teaching it. And like I said above, I was 'certified' to teach the game at 8-9, so if you have questions I'd be happy to help. ^w^

    I personally feel old because of all the website things they have now. 8 years ago tourneys and leagues weren't findable at the click of a mouse! *shakes fist*
  4. dukeburger's Avatar
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    Haha well, I remember it being here 11 years ago, when I was 12. Then when I was 13, I sold all my cards (I'm 23 now, so, 10 years ago). :( It was actually right around this time 10 years ago. I think the last time I bought a Jungle pack was that summer 10 years ago. Sigh!

    Well, you know more than I do. I don't even know the basics of how to play yet! I didn't play 10 years ago. I just collected the cards, so I was only very vaguely familiar with how the game was played.

    Okay, that would be great if you don't mind me asking you questions about TCG, since I find myself constantly asking, "WHAT'S THAT?" and "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!" Like, I don't even know the differences between the crazy amounts of sets!

    So far, all I've bought was the Garchomp tin and one Arceus booster back. I was advised to go with tins and blister packs since I just felt the urge to buy some cards for the sake of nostalgia (I have a seasonal job at TRU and we have tons of cards...). But a deck would definitely be a good idea if I want to give playing a try. I just have no idea where to start with a deck though, so for now I think I'm just going to see if I would like to still collect some of the cards. If I do, then I'll drop the money on a deck. :)

    Well, at least it's easier for everyone to learn now! :) And you can probably catch up easily.
  5. NyaChan's Avatar
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    Building a deck depends what you're using it for. If you're going competitive like I am now, there's a lot of research and thought that has to go into your deck, which is why I've gone to lurking some forums like PokéBeach and PokéGym often now. They give you a general idea of how to work with the cards and depending on your area possibly a better look into your metagame (it seems to be easy to find stuff on the west coastal/midwest area, sad for me since I'm a east coast-er). But, in general, if you've never played before and want to learn the basics, a starter deck is the right place to learn the basics of play. After you understand how the game is played, you can start to build your own decks with cards you want to use. As for which one to pick, it doesn't truly matter all too much, though I'd suggest looking at Bulbapedia's articles with the card lists. Anything with Roseanne's Research, Bebe's Search, or Cynthia's Feelings are good choices since if you decide to build decks later, these cards are really useful.

    As for the difference in sets, it's just a matter of what cards are in which. Even cards going by the same name have different moves in different sets, for an example see Swampert from Great Encounters and from Supreme Victors. The other thing sets determine is if they are playable in the "modified" style tournaments (older cards that have not been reprinted have been rotated out), but if you're just looking to play for fun, that won't matter too much. I still have my old Neo Discovery and before cards, but just about all of them are no longer legal in the big tourneys, so sad. D:

    I'd say take a look at their flash thing on the POP website, see if it makes sense to you first. If it does and you see it as something worth the trouble, get a starter deck and try to play against an invisible player or something like that. I'd say drop money for 2 decks, but that may be a bit much especially if you're not sure of playing the game just yet. In my case I still had old cards made into decks so I had something to refresh my game with, but since you don't have your old cards to toss something together with, unless you've got some decent deck stuff in those boosters, it'd be tough.

    Take a look through the League finder, see if there's any leagues by you. Many leagues would love to see new players and would be happy to help you learn. :3 Plus you can get some cool prizes along the way. =D
  6. Ekard's Avatar
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    I know exactly what you mean! And Hi again, long time not speak. Hope you are doing well. ^_^

    The cards completely go over my head now. I stopped after the Fossil Set...

    This is also the case for Yugioh... D:
    Updated 16th December 2009 at 07:30 AM by Ekard (I was half asleep when I posted this... I am 2/3s alseep now, though...)
  7. dukeburger's Avatar
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    @ NyaChan: I think I'll reply to you through VM since I've been off of here for about a week.

    @ Ekard: Hi! Good to see that you're back! I know I owe you a shiny Pachirisu (no, I didn't forget!), so let me know if you want to trade some time. And I am fine, just got my final... final out of the way. :D How are you?

    Yeah, the Fossil set was the one after the Jungle set, right? It's been too long!
  8. Ekard's Avatar
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    Yeah, I went away for awhile, and then lurked for a longer while... And now I have been posting all over the Blogs... I enjoy reading things here I think. ^^

    And oh? Do you? I don't remember that... Lol. It's okay, I don't mind! Yeah, school is letting out for those who I know are attending, it's neat. Much more people to talk to. Lol.

    I am doing okay, kinda roughing it, but still good. ^_^

    Yes, Fossil was the set after Jungle, and the set that completed the 151pkmn count (plus a couple of johto i think). Everything after that went into Johto and later edition card remakes/changes. that's when I fell out of it. >_> So very long ago...


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